Aluminum panel curtain construction process | JINGWAN

Aluminum panel curtain construction process | JINGWAN

What is the process flow of aluminum panel curtain?Now let’s follow the China curtain wall suppliers to understand:

The process flow

1. Positioning of elastic wires

According to the marking of laying out during the structural review, the horizontal point shall be measured and set out according to the layout of the embedded parts, the axis of the main structure and the elevation.

2. Installation of connectors

The connection parts shall be fixed temporarily by spot welding, and then fully welded with the embedded parts after adjusting the position and size of the column.

3. Installation of aluminum curtain wall columns

Adjust the horizontal elevation of each column according to the horizontal line and fix it with bolts.Adjust the position of the column to ensure the dimensions of the upper and lower ends of the column and the elevation line of each layer, and tighten the nuts to the design value with a torque wrench.

aluminium curtain wall

4, aluminum curtain wall beam installation

The upper and lower surfaces of the beam shall be at right angles to the front of the column. Clearance size shall be reserved at the joints between the transverse materials and the two ends of the column according to the requirements of the drawing. After installation, the joints between the column and the beam shall be sealed with weather resistant sealant.

5. Aluminum plate plate installation

The metal panels of corresponding specifications are moved into place, and then installed from top to bottom. During the installation process, the pull line controls the flatness of adjacent panels and the horizontal and vertical degree of plate joints. The width of plate joints is controlled by the board module.

6. Glue injection and inspection of metal curtain wall

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