Definition of glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

Definition of glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

What is the definition of glass curtain wall? Jingwan engineering glass curtain wall manufacturers to tell you.

Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of wall decoration, and it is also a prominent feature in the era of modernism high-rise building.The glass curtain wall looks good from the outside,but opens the horizon from the inside.Increase sunlight radiation in winter and raise indoor temperature.

The curtain wall is not only simple,luxurious,modern,and can reflect the surrounding scenery, with a very good decorative effect.And the wall and the window into one,greatly reducing the weight of the building.It has the advantages of light weight,strong decoration and easy installation and construction.

Definition of glass curtain wall

Definition: the glass curtain wall composed of panels and glass ribs or point supporting devices and supporting structures is the full glass curtain wall.


1.the effect is transparent,can make the indoor space and outdoor environment natural harmony.

2.exquisite components,beautiful structure,to achieve the perfect integration of exquisite metal structure and glass decorative art.

3.Diverse supporting structures can meet the needs of different building structures and decorative effects.

4.The glass and the barge claw are connected by ball hinge,which has strong ability to absorb deformation.

Function of glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall of modern high-rise building adopts the combination of mirror glass and ordinary glass, and the insulating glass is filled with dry air or inert gas in the interlayer.Insulating glass can be divided into two layers and three layers. Two layers of insulating glass are composed of two layers of glass and a sealing frame to form a sandwich space.The three-layer glass is composed of three layers of glass to form two sandwich Spaces.

Insulating glass has the advantages of sound insulation,heat insulation,frost prevention, moistureproof and strong wind pressure resistance.It has been measured that when the outdoor temperature is -10 ° C,the temperature in front of the single glazed window is -2 ° C, while the indoor temperature using three layers of insulating glass is 13 ° C.

On a hot summer day,the double insulating glass blocks 90 percent of the sun's radiant heat.Sunlight can still pass through the glass curtain wall,but most of the sun will not feel hot.The room with hollow glass curtain wall can be warm in winter and cool in summer,which greatly improves the living environment.

The above is the definition of glass curtain wall, we are Huizhou Shijing Bay Engineering Co., Ltd.,professional curtain wall manufacturers,I hope this article can help you understand the glass curtain wall.

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