Frame curtain wall and unit curtain wall difference | JINGWAN

Frame curtain wall and unit curtain wall difference | JINGWAN

What is the difference between frame curtain wall and unit curtain wall? Jingwan professional curtain wall project explains for you.

Curtain wall as a modern large and high-rise buildings with decoration effect of the external maintenance system, it is safe, energy saving, environmental protection, flexible construction, variety and other characteristics, has become the standard of many modern public buildings.

The curtain wall is divided into frame curtain wall and unit curtain wall according to the installation form and processing characteristics.

Frame curtain wall Frame curtain wall is a curtain wall formed by directly transporting the materials produced by the factory to the construction site and installing them step by step in accordance with the construction order.


1.flexible design, relatively easy to deal with special parts, such as elevation turning point, corner, concave and convex position changes, special modeling processing, simple calculation, installation does not need a long time to prepare;

2.the construction method is flexible, the process is mature, the production is simple, the installation system is flexible, is currently using more curtain wall structure form;

3.Strong ability to adapt to the main structure, and the installation sequence is not affected by the main structure;

4.Due to on-site installation, materials and small components are easy to be stored on the site.


1.After the completion of civil construction, the overall installation of the frame curtain wall should be generally installed from one end of the main vertical direction of the building to the other end, requiring a longer installation time.

2.curtain wall installation needs to use scaffolding or hanging basket and other construction measures;

3.the frame curtain wall is easy to produce installation error, the component is not straight, the installation is not smooth;

4.the frame curtain wall waterproof is generally single-layer sealing, water tightness is general;

5.A large number of installation processes are carried out on site, which requires a large amount of work and many control points, and is not easy to manage.

Unit curtain wall Unit curtain wall is a type of curtain wall with the highest processing degree in the factory.In the factory, all kinds of materials are assembled and installed into unit components, which are transported to the construction site, and the integral curtain wall is formed through the installation of each component.


1.can design a variety of different styles of special-shaped curtain wall, so that the building using the curtain wall to play the best artistic effect.

2.the construction period is short, most of the work is completed in the factory, shipped to the site only for lifting in place, curtain wall lifting and civil construction can be synchronized, greatly shortening the project cycle.

3.the use of splicing joints, so that the curtain wall of the external factors of deformation adaptability better, through the design to achieve and maintain a double sealing system, so as to improve the curtain wall of water tightness and air tightness.

4.The unit plate is assembled as a whole in the processing plant, which is easy to be checked in the factory, which ensures the quality of the unit plate and improves the overall engineering quality of the curtain wall.

5.All works of the unit curtain wall can be completed in the floor, which can save the cost of scaffolding and hanging basket during the installation.


1.the unit curtain wall embedded parts position and installation accuracy requirements are higher.

2.the unit curtain wall integration requirements are higher, the construction unit needs to be equipped with advanced design talents, high standard processing places and professional processing and installation personnel.

3.Due to the large area of the unit curtain wall plate, the lifting process is more difficult.

4.The unit curtain wall is based on the design of high technology. The shape of the profile is more complex and the content of the profile is more.Its construction cost is higher than the frame curtain wall.

The above is the difference between the frame curtain wall and the unit curtain wall. After reading, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of the curtain wall. We Jingwan is a professional curtain wall project.

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Post time: Jan-20-2021