Glass curtain wall how much a square meter | JINWANG

Glass curtain wall how much a square meter | JINWANG

Glass curtain wall is known to all how many money a square meter of this question will depend on many factors, but still want to find a reference of the so-called quotation sheet glass curtain wall, in general, random quote you absolutely can not believe, especially the quotation all don’t know how to the more vigilance, lest be deceived.

A trusted implicitly glass curtain wall how many money a square meters quotation sheet should be considering the elements must be, so the customer can not only know their own spend every penny to which place, at the same time, also can through the chart about learn some information about the market, also make their own budgets and even simple and convenient to contrast;

How much is the glass curtain wall per square meter?

The first things to determine when creating a quotation sheet are:

First, what style will be adopted?Partial function or partial appearance, the function of nature is more expensive than the appearance, the difference between different functions is also very big, such as photoelectric curtain wall, wind curtain wall, abnormity curtain wall and so on, the price of nature is more expensive than ordinary;

Second, what kind of component forms will be adopted?Of unit or frame, of unit type want to compare frame type commonly expensive give 20-30% or so.

Third, what kind of structure will be adopted?Hidden frame glass curtain wall or semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall or glass curtain wall or full glass curtain wall, full glass curtain wall in general will be more expensive, transparent frame glass curtain wall will be relatively cheaper.

Besides, there are a whole building glass curtain wall height, single piece of glass curtain wall, the size of the panel or aluminum veneer advocate material, wind load, including the LED lamp, floodlight, advertising light boxes, and so on subdivisional work with engineering and so on, also is an important concern in the price, on the other hand, is the total package of disposable, or need to subcontract services are also the impact of price factors.

These maybe everyone will not think of how many money a square glass curtain wall, we may think is the main labor and materials, transportation fees, management fees, etc., but it also can be more segmentation: labor including bao qing work alone or package installation, etc., materials mainly include open mold fee, technology fee, etc., management fees in general is measures the management fee, management including tool use, the construction of the feet hanging basket and so on, as well as the material loss cost and so on.

So if you really want to get useful information about how much a glass curtain wall costs per square meter, you should try to understand and clarify these questions first, and then see if the service providers have sorted them out and mapped them out, and then make a comparison between multiple companies.In this way to consider the matter of cooperation, for you may also be more certain.


Post time: Sep-11-2020