Hoisting technology of Steel Component | JINGWAN

Hoisting technology of Steel Component | JINGWAN

In order to provide the necessary guarantee for the high-quality and high-speed construction of buildings, large-scale buildings need to adopt steel structure hoisting construction technology. The utility model is a cantilevered load-bearing frame. Because of its simple structure, convenient transportation, large deadweight and good interchangeability, this technology has been widely used in many large enterprises and achieved good results. This paper analyzes and probes into the key points of hoisting technology of Steel component.

Hoisting construction sequence

In the hoisting construction sequence, it generally starts from the ground, and then carries on the underground work. According to the order of the main structure and then the secondary components, this order can not be disrupted, otherwise it may affect the smooth progress of the construction.

Installation and management of steel component embedded parts

What is most closely related to the quality of project management is the safety of the hoisting construction of steel components and the installation management of embedded parts, which is precisely because of this, in general, in the installation process of embedded parts, the new type of overhanging I-steel will first carry out precision control according to the construction code of steel components, or correct the embedded parts according to the provisions on the drawings.

Hoisting Construction of Steel column and Steel Beam of Steel member

The construction of steel components should be carried out according to its working procedure and site. Then, according to the requirements of the working procedure and the actual conditions of the site, the steel columns and steel beams of Steel Component should be hoisted in an orderly manner, and the good cooperation between manpower and machinery should be fully coordinated. The most important thing in the construction link of hoisting Steel Component is inspection. Inspection is the inspection of Steel Component after hoisting, which is a key step to ensure quality. The new type of cantilevered scaffolding has certain requirements for engineering construction, for example, whether the construction process conforms to the relevant laws and regulations, or the relevant regulations and requirements, and so on. There are also provisions on the corresponding flatness of steel columns or steel beams of members, the purpose of these provisions is to ensure the quality of the building.

Do well the corresponding safeguard measures

First of all, it is carried out from the perspective of human resources, which mainly means to ensure the corresponding labor resources, because there are more technical personnel engaged in this industry, and a large number of labor resources need to be allocated rationally. therefore, we should dispatch the labor force according to the arrangement of components, that is, to allocate the labor resources scientifically, effectively and rationally. The second is to check the corresponding construction equipment, because the construction equipment is the key to the success of the whole building, so regularly check the corresponding construction equipment, carry out certain maintenance and repair, so as to ensure the smooth progress of building construction. Another point is the guarantee of accountability and related emergency response mechanisms, which is very important. The most basic thing in a building construction is to ensure the safety of personnel. Therefore, in other cases that have been properly arranged, to carry out safety education, mainly to carry out the necessary constraints on construction-related personnel, requiring them to work with certificates, and strictly follow the safety construction regulations. The last point is to improve the organizational guarantee, mainly to establish the control structure before, during and after the event, control the quality and strengthen the technical guidance.

The above is the introduction of hoisting technology of Steel Component. If you want to know more about steel components, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Jun-30-2022