How do you build a curtain wall?

How do you build a curtain wall?

The curtain wall glass refers to the main structure or decorative space structure outside the engineering building which is composed of the supporting space structure system and the glass.

And curtain wall construction is a demanding project, must strictly in accordance with the construction requirements, and choose a professional curtain wall construction team.So today we will understand the curtain wall construction have what preparation and need to pay attention to it.I hope I can help you.

Preparation before curtain wall construction

Before the project construction, construction enterprises, contractors, engineering construction elite team to sign the contract, closely around the project schedule, construction decoration intention, plan and other specific content of the plan, the importance of the bid to hand in the formalities.The supervision unit will conduct joint examination on the construction drawings of the glass curtain wall, and set up the design drawings of the original control line according to the standard, omni-directional and standard, and lay the electricity consumption lines in advance to ensure that all the machines and equipment involved in the construction of the glass curtain wall can be used normally.

Curtain wall construction deployment

Accurate positioning of construction site

The design specification, size and construction entity model of glass curtain wall in the construction project must be accurately positioned on the spot, and the project construction elite team, the project supervision unit to carry out professional evaluation of quality and safety coefficient, the detection results are qualified before the project construction.

Specific location of curtain wall construction is indicated

After the specific location of the glass curtain wall construction is clear, the construction team shall take the precise positioning line as the standard, detect the transformation characteristics of the structural characteristics of the building curtain wall on each engineering building layer, closely discuss the key and difficult points and core problems of the project construction, and select the appropriate construction technology.Specific position indicates specific content: horizontal line, structure layout, reference layer, etc.

Curtain wall construction material control

In the construction of contemporary architectural engineering, engineering construction elite team will generally choose aluminum alloy profile as the building curtain wall raw materials of 150 series of products, 6+13A+6 hollow low-e safety glass, good performance indicators, bonding quick neutral glass glue and structural glue.

Specific methods of curtain wall construction and specific measures of technical application

The curtain wall is connected to the main project

The glass curtain wall is connected with the main body of the engineering building according to the 8# hot-dip galvanized channel steel. The supporting column and structural frame edge of the building curtain wall are fixed on the building with chemical expansion bolts.In order to prevent the glass curtain wall from peeling off due to the bending of the main part of the project, the construction workers used to use the mobile connector. The embedded parts of the upper and lower glass curtain wall were fixed on the core column of the project building, and the highest bending moment of the mobile connector was calculated. The moment of inertia of the section of the glass curtain wall was designed.If the space spacing between the upper and lower columns of the glass curtain wall and the panicle column is too small, less than 20mm, it is necessary to repeatedly fix the fixed building curtain wall structure, adjust the Angle code of the anchor bolt, or set embedded parts, or the insulation rubber pad on the bolt, in other words, must avoid the glass curtain wall structure and the behavior of the main body of the connection is too tight.

Aluminum alloy profile production processing

Check the operation steps of aluminum alloy profile machine and equipment, calculate the precision change of aluminum alloy profile in the production process according to the metrology certification, and set the special requirements and standard specifications for the precision of the production process according to the inspection structure characteristics.Before the material is cut, the construction team must check the engineering drawings of the glass curtain wall, and have a general correct understanding of the specific contents of the frame structure installation, the specific position of the structure, and the precise positioning.If the estimated outline size and the specific precise measurement value do not conform to, the construction team to the specific precise measurement value to calculate, the extrusion of aluminum alloy profile for the second production and processing, correction of the outline size.In the assembly line aluminum alloy profile raw materials, it should also pay attention to the aluminum alloy profile connection structure of the tightness, and carry out strict hot dip galvanized solution, sealing solution, in order to avoid aluminum alloy profile bearing force is not uniform, extrusion forming part of the glass curtain wall.

Production and processing of glass

On the premise, the model size, quality and specification of glass were corrected and estimated, and some defects were bonded with glass glue and silicone structural glue.The structural characteristics and performance indexes of glass raw materials were analyzed in depth, and the bending stiffness, compressive capacity, wind-resistant frictional resistance and other technical parameters were tested, and the data of the main parameters were synchronously reported to the engineering construction supervision, design, quality inspection and other units.

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