How many types of curtain walls are there?

How many types of curtain walls are there?

How many kinds of curtain walls are there?The following is followed by jingwan unitized curtain wall system company to understand:

1. Classification by use

Curtain wall can be divided into: building curtain wall, component building curtain wall, unit curtain wall, glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal curtain wall, full glass curtain wall, point supported glass curtain wall, etc.

2, according to the quality of the Mosaic plate classification

Glass curtain wall: full glass curtain wall, hanging glass curtain wall, pedestal glass curtain wall;Glass brick curtain wall, framed glass brick curtain wall and filled glass brick curtain wall;Point connection type glass curtain wall, pull rod type glass curtain wall, cable type glass curtain wall, truss type glass curtain wall.

Metal plate curtain wall: single sheet aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate, aluminum plastic plate, stainless steel plate, titanium alloy plate, color steel plate, copper plate (has not been used).

Non-metallic plate (except glass curtain wall: stone plate, honeycomb composite panels, thought plate, ceramic plate, plastic 7 a64e59b9ee7ad9431333431353364 board, man-made board, modelling of precast cement processing board.

Stone curtain wall: combination curtain wall, steel pin type stone curtain wall, short groove type stone curtain wall, through groove type stone curtain wall, back bolt type stone curtain wall, small unit type stone curtain wall, wet paste type stone curtain wall, honeycomb stone curtain wall.

3, according to the component classification

Frame-type (component-type) curtain wall: bright frame curtain wall, hidden frame glass curtain wall, horizontal and vertical hidden glass curtain wall, horizontal and vertical hidden glass curtain wall.

Unit curtain wall: unit glass curtain wall, semi-unit glass curtain wall, small unit glass curtain wall.

4, according to whether open classification

Closed, open, such as breathing curtain wall (double layer dynamic energy saving curtain wall).

The above is about the kind of curtain wall introduction;We provide: interior curtain wall, led curtain wall and other professional services, welcome to consult ~

Post time: Apr-11-2020