How to deal with the uneven surface of glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

How to deal with the uneven surface of glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

What should I do if the decorative surface of the building glass curtain wall is not smooth? Below is a brief introduction by curtain wall factory for you.

How to deal with uneven finishes

Adornment face is not level off, juncture is not level off, it is to show granite board wall face is enmosaic after, check discovery large area is not even, juncture level, perpendicular, juncture width is different, adjacent board is not even, do not accord with board wall construction standard, affect metope seriously beautiful.

If granite metope has individual uneven, can undertake correction or change directly to these boards, handle more easily. If the large area is not uniform, the joint is not straight, it is difficult to deal with, reverse working time, high capital cost, should pay attention to prevention.

If the seam is not straight, you can find straight along the seam (large area should be used level, theodolite), with the appropriate increase in the width of the seam, with the powder line pop-up increase the width of the seam, with the powder line pop-up and then spread a layer of light color waterproof glue. This conceals the defect that the original seam is not straight.

The panel to be used shall be inspected for appearance quality according to the standard, including specification, size, flatness, Angle, appearance defects, etc. Those exceeding the allowable deviation will not be used. Batch plate by stone factory processing production, the construction site mass production plate resolutely not backward; Stone factory special equipment (such as computer numerical control machine tool) to process curved surface or curved plate.

Construction requirements

Draw a good construction sample map, strictly according to the map construction. Before template installation, the actual size and size deviation of construction template installation part should be carefully checked, and the correction diagram should be drawn according to the drawings. When the allowable deviation is exceeded, if grouting method is used for construction, the block size should be adjusted on the basis of ensuring that the distance between the substrate and the plate surface is not less than 30mm.

Special decorative design of wall panels, careful review of drawings, clear plate layout, grid and pattern, expansion joint location, joints and bump part of the structure sample. Indoor wall without waterproof requirements, smooth and mirror granite plate joint dry joint is one of the important reasons for the joint is not straight. Outdoor walls need to do waterproof requirements, the width of the board seam shall not be less than 5mm, and the method of adjusting the width of the board seam can be adjusted appropriately to reduce the accumulated deviation caused by board production or Mosaic. Therefore, the square integrity of the dry joint plate should not exceed the allowable deviation standard of superior products, otherwise it will bring difficulties to the dry connection and installation.

The project with higher requirement to adornment sex, should make model wall above all, undertake large area matchs shop by model after agreeing jointly via construction unit, design unit, supervision unit, construction unit approbates. Allowable deviation of the flatness of the screed during adhesive construction.

3mm, not more than 4mm; The allowable deviation of plate thickness should be matched with the high-quality plate, such as the plate thickness within 12mm, the allowable deviation is 0.5mm.

The above provides a solution to the problems encountered in the construction of glass curtain wall, if necessary, welcome to contact us,  I believe that the curtain wall manufacturers can provide you with professional details.

Post time: Dec-14-2021