How to replace the glass curtain wall glass | JINGWAN

How to replace the glass curtain wall glass | JINGWAN

In daily life, when we enjoy the pleasure brought by glass curtain wall, we will inevitably face the need to replace the glass on the glass curtain wall. So how to replace the glass of the glass curtain wall?Today as a professional glass curtain wall manufacturers will take you to understand the process together.

1, the dismantling of broken curtain wall glass, curtain wall glass dismantling is a work of greater technical difficulty in the construction of glass replacement, in addition to fully grasp the original curtain wall structure, but also have a wealth of work experience.Because the original curtain wall glass is broken, if you are not careful, it is possible to break the glass fragments falling and smash the glass in other parts, especially the glass area is too large, and the curtain wall glass is more difficult to dismantle.

2, the demolition of original glass and tape paste on easy broken glass surface, to ensure that the glass pieces will not fall down, and from the broken glass gently poke around, use the original glass sucker blocks take down on the security around the bucket, cleaned up the glass fragments, with a wallpaper knife around the glass sealant clear, remove the bubbles in the glue line rods, with hexagonal wrench removing the glue line in the aluminumAlloy fixed glass pieces, four outside construction personnel with suction cups, stick to the glass, three people also use the sucker is living inside the glass, and a flowing outward and upward, glass, underneath slid down slowly to the room, and a safe landing, the people inside were walking living along the window glass, the outside people, safe glass to the ground floor.3, the aluminum alloy frame of the broken glass is removed, and the glass and aluminum alloy frame are glued together with the two-component glass structural adhesive. The curing time of the glass structural adhesive is 2 hours. After the glass structural adhesive is cured, the glass surface is removed and the construction site is transported safely.

4, the installation of the glass, the outside construction personnel on the roof down the rope slide construction location, the glass top, inside and out construction personnel good suction cups, inside and outside force, glass up to go out first, next above with went away, up, left the slippery, glass, aluminum alloy frame tied in, with aluminium alloy fixed hex wrench fastening, glass glue line filling foam around rods, glue lineAs crepe paper, glass glue gun, used in glass sealant has adhesive seam compaction glue line, ash knife around the glass glue line smooth smooth, clean the glass surface, the outside construction personnel down a rope to pack up to the top of the rope on a layer, and construction personnel to do inside the house health, restore the house of the status quo, take out the garbage, cleaning and property teacher on duty to check the construction siteCheck and ensure that there are no residual items and engineering problems.


Steps to replace the glass of the glass curtain wall:


1, positioning line: determine the horizontal and vertical position of the glass plate on the facade, and the line on the main frame grid.

2, adjustment: after the glass plate is temporarily fixed, the plate is adjusted, and the standard horizontal, vertical and plane is adjusted.

3,Fixed: fix the glass plate on the main frame with the pressing block.Pressing block spacing should not be greater than 300mm.When pressing the block, please pay attention to drilling. The bolts are made of M5×20 stainless steel mechanical bolts.The press block must be pressed tight.

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Post time: May-14-2021