Introduction of unitized curtain wall waterproof design | JINGWAN

Introduction of unitized curtain wall waterproof design | JINGWAN

In the process of the development of the building industry, the design style of the wall also began to develop in a diversified way, and the structure form of the unitized curtain wall gradually began to be applied in the construction of the building project.In curtain wall design, waterproof design and waterproof control effect is a key content of construction.In the process of structural design, the waterproof principle should be deeply analyzed, and effective measures should be taken to solve the existing problems in the construction process, so as to promote the enhancement of the waterproof performance of the structure and make the curtain wall structure play a greater role.The designer also needs to predict some possible problems in the construction stage and formulate scientific and reasonable construction plans.

One, unitized curtain wall structure waterproof design principle

The leakage problem of curtain wall structure in the process of use is mainly due to the existence of cracks on the surface of curtain wall structure or the presence of moisture in the cracks, which will enter into the interior of curtain wall structure through the cracks and act on it, resulting in the seepage problem of curtain wall structure.If these problems exist during the use of the unit curtain wall, serious leakage will occur.

When making unitized curtain wall design, usually adopt methods for waterproof plugging, is to use the sealant material, such as the curtain wall cracks on the structure of the surface seal, in order to achieve the effect of waterproof, this way is mainly in order to eliminate the cracks of the structure, but this way in the process of application is not reliable, mainly depends on the quality of the sealing material and use period and construction technology, etc., in the process of use will be affected by various factors, links appear problem, once one of the construction curtain wall structure on the surface of the gap will not be able to get effective control, can lead to large amounts of water seepage problem structure.

In the waterproof design of curtain wall structure, in order to control the cracks, it is necessary to conduct the waterproof design through the pressure difference, and take measures to eliminate the pressure difference in the design, so as to reduce the cracks on the structure surface.The elimination of pressure difference is a key link in the waterproof design, because the rainwater on the surface of the curtain wall structure is mainly permeated through cracks. In this process, the pressure difference between inside and outside the structure is also the main cause of the cracks.

Unitized curtain wall structure waterproof design

In the design of waterproof structure of unit curtain wall structure, it is necessary to design three sealing lines, among which the dust-tight line is mainly to prevent dust from entering the curtain wall structure, and it can also effectively block the skin water.Watertight curtain wall structure design of line is an important line of defense, the curtain wall structure of the surface water can be ruled out, avoid water seepage problems because of the rain into the curtain wall structure, through scientific and reasonable structure design, will be ruled out a crack in the structure of the rain, and can be enhanced through the design of the pressure cavity such as waterproof effect, because such gap of water pressure chamber can be ruled out.To improve the watertight performance of curtain wall structure, multiple water meters can be set for waterproofing.The design of airtight line is also an important construction content of curtain wall structure. Since the watertight line and airtight line are basically interlinked, the airtight line can be used to block the air when the air enters the curtain wall structure.

Iii. Unitized curtain wall waterproof design and drainage design

When designing the watertight performance of the unit curtain wall structure, it is necessary to design the waterproof structure and the drainage structure, and the organic combination of the two designs can improve the waterproof performance of the unit curtain wall structure.In unit curtain wall structure in the process of using, the external pressure mainly comes from wind, the wind will change as the change of time and space, and the internal and external pressure can lead to differences between the change of the wind, this leads to the external pressure and constant pressure chamber can’t achieve the desired equilibrium state and to realize the curtain wall structure waterproof effect, needs through the air flow state of balance, need to be in the air circulation, into the water to the isobaric cavity, so as to realize the function of waterproof.

Because the distribution of wind power on the outside of the curtain wall structure is also unbalanced, the wind pressure Angle varies with the height of the building project.In the case of rainfall, rainwater will enter the isobaric chamber through the watertight line, and it will permeate along the direction with low pressure. In this process, if the water in the isobaric chamber cannot be discharged, serious seepage problems will be caused, and the use of indoor functions will be affected.In curtain wall structure design, need, from the perspective of the waterproof properties, combined with drainage design for waterproof structure design, it is necessary to design the structure of the structure, through setting a number of components in the outside, and for the design of the opening, enables isobaric cavity by outdoor air flow to maintain a balanced state, thus forming a continuous rain, for the construction of the waterproof function.

This rain curtain can prevent the infiltration of a large amount of rainwater, only a small amount of rainwater into the opening, which can be removed through the layered design, some water into the isobaric chamber can be stratified through the drainage hole to be removed.

Unit curtain wall waterproof system design

In the design of the waterproof performance of the unit curtain wall structure, it is also necessary to establish a perfect waterproof system, through which to manage and control the curtain wall structure, so that the waterproof performance of the structure can be enhanced.Because the system design has a high technical content, the function of the system will be directly related to the waterproof performance characteristics of the curtain wall structure.In the construction of the structure, generally by the enterprise for manufacturing and assembly, and directly installed in the construction site to the construction of the structure, so in the construction of the need for each connection points for sealing treatment, in order to promote the overall structure sealing performance enhancement.In the system design, it is necessary to deal with the problems of these connection points and ensure that the connection sealing effect of each component meets the construction requirements, so as to improve the watertight performance of the overall structure.

Five, waterproof structure

1. The waterproof structure adopts the design method of two sides, two lines of glue and one seal.

Two surface:

The outer aluminum plate is the decorative surface and also plays a waterproof interface;The inner layer of 1.5mm thick galvanized steel plate can not only fix the thermal insulation cotton, but also play the role of two surface layer waterproof.

Two rubber:

One piece of glue is the sealing between the outer aluminum plate and the unit plate, and the other two pieces of glue are the sealing between the inner steel plate and the unit plate.

A sealing:

To prevent rainwater from flowing laterally into the inner side of the aluminum plate along the upper beam of the unit plates on both sides of the aluminum plate line, seal the end of the upper beam with 2.5mm aluminum plate.

2. Waterproof structure of the opening fan

The open fan is embedded in the unit plate and forms an integral part with the unit plate.The upper hanging window is adopted. The window frame is fixed with screws at the front mouth and inside of the cross bar. The screw head is covered with sealant.The window and frame are connected by custom hinge to avoid the risk of sash falling due to machining and installation error of the window in the form of hook.A water-covered rubber strip is set around the open fan;Two “O” shaped rubber strips are set between the frame and the fan to increase the air tightness and water tightness of the whole window;The gap between the frame and the bar is sealed with sealant.

3, the roof curtain wall waterproof structure

Separate design is adopted at the junction between the curtain wall and parapet wall.The distance between the upper and lower curtain walls is 50mm. The top of parapet wall is edged with 3mm thick aluminum plate and lined with 1mm thick EPDM waterproof film, which plays a double waterproof role.The upper curtain wall adopts the external curtain wall with steel structure lifting height. Even if the deformation coefficient of the steel structure is different from that of the concrete, it will not affect each other and cause the leaking hidden danger of the curtain wall.

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