Six performances of metal curtain wall

Six performances of metal curtain wall

What are the properties of the metal curtain wall?The following jingwan curtain wall project for you to introduce:

Watertight performance

The value of the curtain wall watertight performance index can be calculated according to GB/T 21086-2007 (the value of the fixed part of the curtain wall in areas hit by tropical storm and typhoon should not be less than 1000Pa, and the value of the fixed part in other areas should not be less than 700Pa);

(2) see table GB/T 21086-2007 for the grading index value of curtain wall watertightness;

(3) water tightness requirements of the building curtain wall in the site of the water test, should not occur water leakage phenomenon;

(4) the watertight performance of the open building curtain wall may not be required.

Airtight performance

The air tightness performance index of building curtain wall should comply with the relevant provisions of GB 50176, GB 50189, JGJ 132-2001, JGJ 134, JGJ 26, and meet the requirements of the relevant energy-saving standards.

(2) general provisions on design indexes of air tightness of building curtain wall can be found in related chapters in GB/T 21086-2007.

The air – tight performance of the open building curtain wall is not required.

Heat preservation performance

The heat transfer coefficient of curtain wall is put forward according to relevant national standards and regulations.

The open curtain wall itself does not provide insulation.When adopting the open curtain wall, the overall insulation performance of the building’s outer envelope should be considered. The design of the heat transfer coefficient of the building’s outer wall should be calculated and determined according to the provisions of GB 50176, and should meet the requirements of GB 50189, jgj132-2001, JGJ134, JGJ26 and JGJ75.

When heat preservation material is needed behind the curtain wall panel, the heat preservation material should be placed on the surface of the main wall and should have supporting structure. The outside of the heat preservation material that is easy to damp should be equipped with waterproof and breathable film, whose function is both to prevent the water from entering the outside and to allow the moisture from the inside to pass through.

Measures should be taken to avoid cold Bridges in connection structure design of cold and cold area curtain wall.

For buildings with high requirements on thermal performance, on-site thermal performance tests can be conducted.

Fireproof performance

According to GB50016 “building design fire code” and gb50045-95 “high-rise civil building design fire code” provisions.The principle is that the curtain wall should isolate the flow of fire and smoke.

The gap between the curtain wall and the surrounding fire separation components, the gap between the floor slab or the outer edge of the partition wall, and the gap between the edge of the solid wall hole, etc., should be fireproof plugging design.

The smoke – proof and fire – proof construction system of curtain wall should have the sealing property and durability.In case of fire, integrity shall be maintained within the prescribed fire resistance limit.

The materials used in the fireproof plugging system shall be refractory materials or non-combustible materials that meet the requirements.

Attention should be paid to the difference between the fire resistance limit requirements of building components in the standard and the combustion performance of the building materials used.There are no specific requirements for the combustion performance of curtain wall panel in relevant standards and specifications.

Lightning protection performance

The members of the aluminum alloy metal curtain wall frame as lightning protection net should be reliably connected with the lightning protection system of the main structure of the building.

Earthquake and seismic performance

1) seismic performance shall meet the requirements of GB 50011;

2) the design of building deformation index can refer to GB 21086-2007.

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Post time: Mar-21-2020