So many steel components, in the end how to recognize | JINGWANG

So many steel components, in the end how to recognize | JINGWANG

So many steel components, in the end how to recognize?Let’s take a look with steel component manufacturers today;What are the steel components?Simple steel column, steel beam we do not say, column and beam we all know, material into steel also can not change the nature of the column and beam, that they are made with what material, such as H beam, I steel are possible.

Let’s take a look at the complex components!


The first — purlin, purlin is perpendicular to the steel beam, along the length of the roof distribution of members, some students compare the steel beam and purlin we often say the relationship between the main beam, secondary beam, so understand is not the image.As for the steel used as purlin, C beam, H beam, Z beam, and so on are some.

Then we thought about whether the purlins were not strong enough to hang directly on the steel beams, and what to do when they fell, we had to find something to support them, and then we had the corner brace, which is usually made of Angle steel.


Now let’s talk about the pull, the relationship between the pull and the purlin must be clarified.In fact, very simple, whether it is a diagonal or straight pull, are used to pull the purlin, the two purlin pull, control, is generally made of round steel;It is also associated with the pole, also very simple!It is at the cornice and ridge of the roof that a steel tube is fitted to the round steel, and this is the pole.

Tie bar, support

The next one is the tie bar, which is arranged along the whole length of the structure, usually at the top of the column and the roof ridge.One way to think about it is, of all the components I’ve just mentioned, none of them resist the longitudinal force, there has to be a component to withstand the force, so the tie bar comes in, and this component is usually made out of tubes.In addition, there is support, support is generally inclined, the role of the connection between the roof components, some people also have a cross shape, is to enhance the overall stability, is to do with round steel.

Here, we only said the main component, there are some attached components did not say, we also do not ignore, such as purlin purlin support plate, corner brace connection plate, tie rod end seal plate and so on, I believe that we do not have any problems, steel plate, easy to understand.

That everybody already had certain understanding to the component of roofing project now, these component appear in metope also is same truth.

That is the basic introduction of the steel component. I hope you will like it.We are a steel component manufacturing factory, if you need customized services, please contact us ~

Post time: Nov-02-2020