Steel Component

Steel Component

Steel components is a type of steel used to mold into a variety of shapes and sizes. The same is possible due to its extreme flexibility. Structural steel is a commonly used material in construction.
Common structural shapes

I-beam (I-shaped cross-section – in Britain these include Universal Beams (UB) and Universal Columns (UC); in Europe it includes the IPE, HE, HL, HD and other sections; in the US it includes Wide Flange (WF or W-Shape) and H sections)

Z-Shape (half a flange in opposite directions)

HSS-Shape (Hollow structural section also known as SHS (structural hollow section) and including square, rectangular, circular (pipe) and elliptical cross sections)

Angle (L-shaped cross-section)

Structural channel, or C-beam, or C cross-section

Tee (T-shaped cross-section)

Rail profile (asymmetrical I-beam)

Railway rail

Vignoles rail

Flanged T rail

Grooved rail

Bar, a long piece with a rectangular cross section, but not so wide so as to be called a sheet.

Rod, a round or square section long compared to its width; see also rebar and dowel.

Plate, metal sheets thicker than 6 mm or ​1⁄4 in.

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