The difference between unit curtain wall and frame glass curtain wall

The difference between unit curtain wall and frame glass curtain wall

The difference between unit curtain wall and frame glass curtain wall

I. unit curtain wall

Unit curtain wall is the most highly processed type of curtain wall in the factory.In the factory not only to process mullions, horizontal frame and other components, but also to use these components assembled into the unit component frame, and the curtain wall panel (glass, aluminum, granite stone, etc.) installed in the corresponding position of the unit component frame, forming the unit component.

The height of the unit components should be equal to or greater than one floor, directly fixed to the main structure.The upper and lower frames (left and right frames) of each unit component form a composite bar to complete the joint between the unit components and form the overall curtain wall. The main workload is completed in the factory, which can carry out industrial production and greatly improve labor productivity and product quality.

Performance description:

1. The construction period is short and most of the work is completed in the factory. After being transported to the site, it is only for lifting and positioning.Curtain wall hoisting can be carried out synchronously with civil engineering to shorten the total construction period.

2. Various special-shaped curtain walls of different styles can be designed to make the buildings with curtain walls give full play to the best artistic effect.

3. Due to the adoption of butt joints, the curtain wall has better deformation adaptability to external factors;The rain curtain wall principle is adopted to design the structure, thus creating conditions for improving the water tightness and air tightness of the curtain wall.

4. Units are assembled in the factory, and the quality control is superior to the construction site.

Two, frame type glass curtain wall

Frame-type glass curtain wall is the factory production of a root component (column, beam) and a piece of glass (component) to the site, the column with connectors installed on the main structure, and then install beams on the column, forming a curtain wall frame after the installation of fixed glass (component).

According to the curtain wall form is divided into: bright frame glass curtain wall, hidden frame glass curtain wall, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall.

Performance description:

1. Adopt inlay groove clamping method to install glass, easy to install, easy to replace and disassemble, easy to maintain.

2. With floating connection structure, it has strong ability to absorb displacement.

3. Able to achieve the effect of plane curtain wall and curved curtain wall on the building.

Three, the difference between the unit curtain wall and the frame glass curtain wall

1. The frame curtain wall for modeling complex more advantage of aluminum sheet curtain wall, the reason is that this kind of curtain wall light weight, site construction easy, easy to ensure safety, but also is a complex modelling for glass, weight and stone curtain wall is more suitable for unit, because of these panels and components are assembled in factory after the whole assembly, it is easy to ensure the security of the system.

2. The unit curtain wall occupies a large amount of capital in the early stage and requires high accuracy of civil construction.The design difficulty is big, the total labor cost is high, the material variety is many, the single square area consumable material quantity is big.

3. The unit type does not rely on scaffolding, and the installation personnel do not need to use a hanging basket to install it outdoors.Safe, and for the construction quality control is good, will not cause major quality problems due to the site workers’ operation problems.

4. In the current national conditions of China, frame-type curtain wall has more vitality.For the owner or investor, the first consideration is the final revenue problem, in terms of price, the framework is better than the unit.It is much more likely that users of a developed project will choose a framework in terms of investment if they do not particularly like it.This is independent of performance in either way.

Conclusion: the difference between unit curtain wall and frame glass curtain wall?Jingwan curtain wall manufacture is introduced here, I hope to help you.For more information about curtain wall engineering, please contact us.

Post time: Mar-21-2020