What are the acceptance specifications of aluminum curtain wall projects | JINGWAN

What are the acceptance specifications of aluminum curtain wall projects | JINGWAN

Aluminum curtain wall is widely used nowadays, which has good physical and chemical properties.It perfectly combines the innovative technology of aluminum sheet glass curtain wall with the integration of aesthetics and engineering.The quality acceptance of aluminum curtain wall is related to the effect of building appearance. As the most direct expression of building exterior decoration, the acceptance standard is the key, and it is necessary to check whether the installation process meets the relevant standards stipulated by the state.


I. Acceptance Specifications for Aluminum curtain wall Project:

1. Construction drawing, structural calculation book, design description and other design documents of aluminum curtain wall project.The confirmation document of the curtain wall engineering design by the architectural design unit.

2. Certificate of identification of silicone structure adhesive used in aluminum curtain wall project and certificate of qualification through random inspection;The inspection certificate for the import of silicone structural adhesives;Issued by the state-designated testing institution.The test report on the compatibility and peeling adhesion of ketone structure adhesives;Test Report on pollution resistance of sealant for stone materials.

3. Product qualification certificates, performance test reports, acceptance records and reinspection reports of all kinds of materials, hardware accessories, components and components used in aluminum curtain wall project.

4. On-site drawing strength test report of the rear embedment.

5. Record of the processing and production of curtain wall components and components;Curtain wall installation and construction record.

6. Concealed work acceptance record.

7. Lightning protection device test record.

Ii. Aluminum curtain wall Engineering:

1. Peeling strength of aluminum-plastic composite board.

2. Bending degree of aluminum plate;The freezing-thawing resistance of stone in cold areas;Radioactivity of indoor granite.

3. Test the Shaw hardness, tensile bond strength and compatibility of structural adhesives used in glass curtain wall under standard conditions;The bonding strength of structural adhesives for stone materials;Contamination of aluminum sheet with sealant.

4. The connection between the metal frame column of the aluminum curtain wall and the embedded parts of the main structure, the connection between the column and the beam, the connection between the fittings and the metal frame, the connection between the fittings and the aluminum panel must meet the design requirements, and the installation must be firm.


Iii. Inspection methods for aluminum curtain wall:

1. Hand lever inspection;Check concealed work acceptance record, metal frame connection and corrosion treatment should meet the design requirements.

2. Check the acceptance records of concealed works.

3. The lightning protection device of stone curtain wall must be reliably connected with the lightning protection device of the main structure.

4. Observation;Check concealed work acceptance record and construction record.Stone curtain wall of fire prevention, heat preservation, moisture-proof materials

5. The setting shall meet the design requirements, and the filling shall be compacted, uniform and of consistent thickness.

6. Check the acceptance records and construction records of concealed works, and the treatment of aluminum plate surface and plate joints shall meet the design requirements.

Check concealed work acceptance record.The connecting nodes of deformation joints and corners of various structures shall conform to the design requirements and technical standards.

7. Inspect and audit carefully upon completion.

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