What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full Glass Curtain Wall | JINGWAN

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full Glass Curtain Wall | JINGWAN

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, urban buildings emerge in an endless stream, and people's requirements for architectural decoration are getting higher and higher.As a new type of exterior wall decoration material, curtain wall is favored by the majority of friends for its excellent performance and unique design style.So what are the advantages and disadvantages of full glass curtain wall?

Below with the Bay professional curtain wall project to learn about it.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wall

Advantages of the glass curtain wall:

Materials of structure:greatly reduced the cost of the whole project and at the time of installation is relatively simple, because its material is only a kind of material, so it is very convenient, construction period is also can be produced a very short time period, if it is damaged, also is very simple and convenient in maintenance.

Absorb ultraviolet rays: greatly reducing the amount of solar radiation coming in from the sun.It seems to have a lot of personality.

Save energy: we don't need to turn on the lights when the sun shines into the room, because it has good lighting properties.

Environmental protection: it is not easy to be polluted, and it is more convenient when we clean and clean. It can be cleaned with water and cloth directly.

Heat insulation and sound insulation: can be very good isolation to the outside heat and sound insulation effect, can prevent indoor humidity.

Disadvantages of glass curtain wall:

Safety: If there is a problem with the quality of the glass, we are vulnerable to injury.

Light: When the sun shines on the glass wall, it also uses the light to create a feeling of dizziness when it shines into the room.

Above is the advantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wall, I believe that after you understand, the love of glass curtain wall deepened.We are from China's professional curtain wall engineering - Jingwan project, welcome to consult!

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