What are the advantages of installing glass curtain wall systems | JINGWAN

What are the advantages of installing glass curtain wall systems | JINGWAN

The appearance of the glass curtain wall is beautiful, and the overall feeling is strong, which is loved by large buildings.But the glass curtain wall systems decoration of the building because of the use of large area of glass and metal structure, the glass surface heat transfer is strong, high heat transmission, which will have a great impact on the indoor thermal conditions.

In the scorching summer, the hot sunshine through the glass into the room, will cause indoor temperature overheating, especially in the hot areas in the south of China, the indoor use of glass curtain wall is more difficult to endure.

If the shading system is set on the glass curtain wall, the direct sunlight can be reduced to the maximum, so as to avoid indoor overheating. After the shading is set, what kind of effect and effect will it have?Then please follow the professional curtain wall manufacturers of Jingwan to understand.

1.The effect of shading on solar radiation.

The thermal insulation performance of the outer envelope is affected by many factors, among which the most important index is the shading coefficient.In general, the shading factor is controlled by the properties of the material itself and the environment.Shading coefficient is the ratio of solar radiation heat through the enclosure with shading measures and the enclosure without shading measures.

The smaller the shading coefficient is, the smaller the solar radiation heat through the outer protective structure is, and the better the thermal protection effect is.The shading coefficients of the main orientations in Guangzhou are 17% in the west, 45% in the south and 60% in the north respectively.Thus it can be seen that the effect of shading on shielding solar radiant heat is quite large, and the shading measures set in glass curtain wall buildings are particularly effective.

2.shading effect on indoor temperature.

Shading plays an obvious role in preventing indoor temperature from rising. The experimental observation in a western-facing room in Guangzhou shows that the maximum difference of room temperature with and without shading is up to 2°C and the average difference is 1.4°C in the case of closed window.

When shading is available, the room temperature fluctuation amplitude is small, the maximum time delay of room temperature appears, and the indoor temperature is uniform.Therefore, shading can reduce cooling load in air-conditioned rooms, so for air-conditioned buildings, shading is one of the main measures to save electricity.

3.The effect of shading on daylighting.

From the point of view of natural lighting, shading measures will block direct sunlight, prevent glare, make indoor illumination distribution more uniform, and contribute to the normal work of vision.For the surrounding environment, the shading can disperse the light reflected by the glass of the glass curtain wall (especially the coated glass), avoiding the light pollution caused by the reflection of the large area of glass.However, because the shading measures have the effect of blocking light, which will reduce the indoor illumination, it is more unfavorable in cloudy and rainy days.Therefore, full consideration should be taken into the design of the shading system to meet the requirements of indoor natural lighting as far as possible.

4.The effect of shading on building appearance.

It is generally believed that glass curtain wall design can only be flat, and external shading facilities cannot be designed. However, we can find from many foreign cases that metal glass curtain wall can be designed into a beautiful shading form with light metal plate and become an interesting part of architectural modeling.The shading system forms a light and shadow effect on the glass wall of the glass curtain wall, reflecting the aesthetic effect of modern architectural art.

Therefore, in the European architecture circle, the external shading system has been used as an active facade element, and even called the form of double facade.The first floor is the facade of the building itself, and the second floor is the facade form of the dynamic shading state.This kind of "dynamic" building image is not because of the fashion needs of the building facade, but modern technology to solve the human needs for building energy saving and enjoy the nature of a new modern architectural form.

5.The influence of shading on room ventilation.

Shading facilities have a certain blocking effect on room ventilation. In the case of opening the window for ventilation, the indoor wind speed will be reduced by 22-47%, depending on the structure of the shading facilities.The rising hot air on the surface of the glass has a blocking effect, adverse heat dissipation, so attention should be paid to the design of the shading structure.

The glass curtain wall is beautiful, but after installing the shading system, it is beautiful and practical.

The above is the benefits of installing glass curtain wall, I hope this article can help to bring you, we are from China's professional glass curtain wall supplier - Jingwan Engineering, welcome to consult.

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