What are the different forms of the glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

What are the different forms of the glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

A large area of glass curtain wall is used on the exterior wall of the building, which fully reflects the architect's imagination.Display modern architectural style, give full play to the characteristics of glass.Let the building look different: bright, bright, straight, modern taste, give a new feeling.Point glass curtain wall is a new support form in recent years.Point type glass curtain wall, its full name is metal support point type glass curtain wall.Next, Jingwan, full glass curtain wall manufacture for you to explain the form of glass curtain wall composition.

According to different supporting structures, point glass curtain walls can be divided into the following types in form:

(1) Metal support structure with point glass curtain wall.It is by far the most common form.Adopt metal material as support structure system, the surface glass is firmly fixed on it through metal connectors and fasteners, very safe and reliable.Make full use of metal structures in deformable buildings.Through the glass, we can clearly see the whole structural system supporting the glass.The crystal clear glass and solid metal structure are the embodiment of "beauty" and "power".Strengthen the contrast effect of "virtual" and "real".

(2) Point glass curtain wall with all-glass structure.The glass supporting structure (glass fins) and the face glass are connected together by metal connectors and fasteners to form a whole, forming a building envelope.Forming a wide field of vision, pleasing to the eye, the building interior and exterior space to achieve the greatest degree of visual integration.

(3) cable structure point glass curtain wall.The machine adopts stainless steel cable or cable projection curtain wall, corresponding to the glass split.Accuracy, so that the component can withstand the tie rod, therefore, in the construction to apply prestress, this kind of flexible connection can reduce the glass in the vibration of the broken.

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