What Are The Factors That Can Cause The Deformation Of The Glass Curtain Wall Image | JINGWAN

What Are The Factors That Can Cause The Deformation Of The Glass Curtain Wall Image | JINGWAN

The main factors affecting the deformation of curtain wall glass include the deformation of glass panel, glass processing technology, glass installation winding, ambient temperature and pressure change, etc.The following glass curtain wall view bay project tells you what factors can cause deformation of the glass curtain wall image.

What are the factors that can cause the deformation of the glass curtain wall image?

1. Deflection of glass panel

Under the action of wind load, the glass panels of the external maintenance structure of the building will sag and protruding, which is the main reason for image distortion.The greater the stiffness of the glass plate, the smaller the deformation.The thicker the glass, the better the rigidity.

glass curtain wall system

glass curtain wall system

2. Installation winding of glass

The installation and construction site must take strict on-site quality management measures to reduce them to the minimum, otherwise it will cause additional warpage deformation of the glass panel, resulting in image deformation.Increase the thickness of the glass sheet, can effectively reduce the installation winding.

3. Deformation of glass during heat treatment

Toughened, semi-toughened glass is the ordinary glass heated to a certain temperature after the urgent cold processing, so that the glass surface has a strong pressure stress, in use, the pressure stress can offset the tensile stress of the destruction of glass, improve the use of glass strength.In this process, the dead weight of the glass, cooling rate will inevitably affect the flatness of tempered, semi-tempered glass.

4. The influence of environmental temperature and pressure changes

In the sealed cavity of insulating glass, the change of ambient temperature and pressure will cause the expansion or contraction of gas, convex or concave, and cause about 10% additional deformation.Non-uniform thickness (i.e., outer sheet thickness and inner sheet thickness) configuration is beneficial to reduce the deformation of the outer sheet glass.

glass curtain wall system

glass and aluminum curtain wall systems

Therefore, the application of Low-E sandwich insulating glass slides in super high-rise buildings can effectively improve the overall horizontal effect of glass curtain wall facade.Low-E insulating glass plate building adopts semi-tempered glass interlayer, which has good leveling effect, and semi-tempered glass does not self-detonation, which reduces the maintenance cost of curtain wall in the later stage.

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Post time: Mar-31-2021