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What Is Double Glass Curtain Wall | JINGWAN

Curtain wall is often used in the decoration of high-rise building and glass curtain wall residential house building materials, not only looks very beautiful, but also has a strong function of heat preservation, heat insulation, noise prevention, with the development of technology, double glass curtain wall began to appear.Then what is double glass curtain wall?Below, Jingwan professional curtain wall engineering to tell you.

What is a double glass curtain wall?

The basic feature of the double-layer ventilation curtain wall is the flow and exchange of the double-layer ventilation curtain wall, so the curtain wall is called the double-layer ventilation curtain wall.The double ventilation curtain wall plays an important role in improving the function of heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation.It does not need special mechanical equipment, completely relies on natural ventilation, and has low maintenance and operation costs. It is the most widely used form at present.

What is the advantage of double glass curtain wall?

1. Advantages of double curtain wall

According to the ventilation principle, the double-layer breathing curtain wall is divided into natural ventilation and forced ventilation, which is mainly composed of external curtain wall, internal curtain wall, sun shading device, air inlet device and air outlet device.

Its unique double-layer structure, with air circulation layer in the middle, has the functions of ventilation, heat insulation, sound insulation, energy saving and environmental protection;Adopt no glue process, completely change the structure form of the traditional curtain wall, the facade is beautiful and generous, without silicone secondary pollution.

2. Factory production 

High degree of factory production, easy installation, easy to control the construction quality.

3. Good thermal performance

The heat transfer coefficient K value of the curtain wall can reach about 1W/K.m2, and both heat preservation and sound insulation can achieve excellent performance, which can significantly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.

4. Good physical properties

The air tightness and water tightness of the curtain wall are mainly ensured by the formation of isobaric cavities by multiple strips, which form "multi-cavity decompression, isobaric waterproofing, decompression and gas elimination" in the structure. The key parts of the curtain wall are made of new silicone strips, which increase the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of the strips.

5. Improve sound insulation

One of the important reasons for the special comfort of the double-layer curtain wall is its excellent sound insulation, which can not only isolate the internal and external noise, but also isolate the noise between rooms and floors. Even if the inner doors and Windows are opened, the sound insulation effect of the single-layer curtain wall doors and Windows can be achieved when the doors and Windows are closed.

What is the difference between double glass curtain wall and traditional curtain wall?

Compared with the traditional curtain wall, the biggest characteristics of the double-layer glass curtain wall are:

1. The ventilation layer is formed between the inner and outer curtain walls, which saves 30-40 energy for heating and more than 50 energy for refrigeration compared with the traditional curtain wall. Meanwhile, the sound insulation effect on the outdoor environment can reach 50-60 dB.

2. At present, the more advanced curtain wall is also called the open external circulation breathing curtain wall.Due to the air intake and exhaust equipment at both ends of the air layer, natural air is introduced into the air layer through the dust filter, and then sent into the room, which can be regarded as an extension of the outdoor natural environment.

3. By controlling the intake and exhaust ports and designing the internal curtain wall structure, fresh air is transported from the ventilation layer to the room to optimize the ventilation quality of the building.

Now have a certain understanding of the double glass curtain wall?If you do not understand the place, welcome to consult us.We are a curtain wall manufacture from China - Jingwan Project.

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