What is the aperture size of perforated aluminum sheet | JINGWAN

What is the aperture size of perforated aluminum sheet | JINGWAN

What is the aperture of perforated aluminum sheet?Follow the aluminum sheet manufacturers to find out.

Perforated aluminum sheet can also be called punched aluminum veneer, and the size of the aperture, which needs to be determined according to the engineering situation;It is necessary to see what kind of effect drawing of the project is, how thick aluminum sheet is used, and how the shape is, in order to determine the size of the aperture (pore diameter, radius), hole spacing, hole ratio, surface color and other parameters.

Perforated aluminum sheet aperture

The conventional size of perforated aluminum sheet is 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc. For punching aluminum sheet, it is more important to know whether the radius or the diameter is clear. Some models do not need to use full holes.Some are large holes with cloth, some are artistic shapes with radius holes, and the diameter holes with engineering needs a variety of perforated aluminum veneers.

Perforated aluminum veneers

Perforated aluminum veneer can also be determined according to the desired hole shape, such as some holes are round, oval, cross, triangle, square, plum and other holes.And aperture Φ size according to the requirements of modelling, perforated aluminum veneer manufacturers generally can customize any size of aperture.

Punching aluminum veneer process

Punching aluminum veneer processing technology is also divided into bending, compression, roll round, each process with the parameters of perforated aperture, hole rate, hole spacing produced by the perforated aluminum veneer can meet the functions of shading, ventilation, silencing, decoration and so on.

That is the introduction of perforated aluminum single plate aperture;We are a professional aluminum sheet manufacturers, our products are mainly used: such as office buildings are;The general manager’s office is also perforated aluminum veneer. The office is made of different pore sizes and molding hole ratio to produce a painting.

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