What is the difference between a window wall and a curtain wall?

What is the difference between a window wall and a curtain wall?

Among the high-rise buildings in the forest of cities, the most representative ones are usually their bright glass exterior walls, which are also known as glass curtain walls. They can create a good environment for friends who work indoors without causing trouble due to outdoor light pollution.

So today jingwan glass curtain wall company for example is also associated with this aspect of the content — door and window curtain wall, it will often be confused with ordinary doors and Windows, but actually refers to an industry, specific you might as well refer to the following.

What is the door and window curtain wall

1. Door and window curtain wall is an industry.

2. Door and window curtain wall is a kind of product, is the building used for lighting and ventilation products, is our general glass Windows, in the residential area called doors and Windows, high-rise buildings, office buildings are many, the outside is glass, generally called the curtain wall.

3. The door and window curtain wall is a special industry, and the proportion of buildings is very large.The difference between curtain wall and window is that the window is fixed on the main body. The curtain wall is fixed on the main body, but it is an independent system.

Two, the difference between window and curtain wall

Glass curtain wall: exterior structure of the building consisting of metal components and glass panels.

Window: it is the envelopment member of building structure, it is daylighting in building basically the action that has ventilated concurrently.It is composed by window frame and window sash two parts, according to frame makings different cent: wood window, steel window, aluminium alloy window and model steel window.According to the open way is divided into: flat window, hanging window, vertical window, push window, fixed window.

The difference of both is: glass curtain wall is building exterior wall adornment holds daylighting effect concurrently commonly, general area is bigger, and the area of window is opposite lesser.

Three, what is the concept of unit curtain wall

Unit glass curtain wall panel and metal frame (beams, columns) in the factory assembly of the curtain wall unit, exist in the form of curtain wall unit, the unit glass curtain wall structure features are: first of all to the glass curtain wall units (skeleton material, glass, thermal insulation material) in the factory assembly become a whole box, namely has been made into a curtain wall module in the factory, then transported to the construction site.In the construction site, only one curtain wall module in turn is installed and fixed on the main structure of the building.

As the column is connected, so its specification should be consistent with the height, column distance size.When connected with the floor or beam, the height of the curtain wall should be equal to the height of the floor or a multiple of the height;When connected to the column, the width of the curtain wall is equal to the column spacing.

The advantage of unit type glass curtain wall is: construction site installation is simple, fast, shorten the construction period.Disadvantages are: transportation and storage is not convenient, construction site lifting requirements are high, easy to cause damage.

Window and curtain wall or have certain difference, concrete can be reflected in the positioning, such as glass curtain wall is made of metal and glass components building periphery structure, besides considering the most amateurs will Windows and doors curtain wall with confusion, so small make up in the above text images also emphatically illustrated.

Window and door curtain wall can refer to an industry or a product, and is often used in the operation of exterior wall decoration of high-rise buildings and office buildings.

Post time: Apr-03-2020