What is the purpose of a curtain wall?

What is the purpose of a curtain wall?

Curtain wall is a kind of external wall envelope member hanging on the outside of the building structure frame. Its self-weight and the wind load and earthquake action borne by it are transmitted to the main frame of the building by point transmission through anchor contact. The joints and connections between curtain wall members are processed with modern architectural technology to form a continuous wall wall.

The difference between curtain wall and window (window wall) is that the frame is embedded around the window (window wall) and fixed on the frame, or fixed on two opposite sides, its deadweight and bearing effect is transmitted to the building structure frame through continuous joints, so that the whole structure frame of the building is directly exposed to the building facade;Or window wall, window wall (column) directly exposed on the building facade.For buildings with transparent glass curtain walls, the structural framework is behind the curtain wall facade, and the columns (beams) located on the inside of the curtain wall can still be seen through the transparent glass, but are not exposed parts.

Curtain wall is composed of a variety of components, special components can be used, indirect window wall, window wall (column) or the entire box.Still have one kind to go up in protecting metope to install adornment panel with dry hang method (stone material, metal plate) adornment sex curtain wall, it does not belong to exterior wall to protect component.

Curtain wall is the outer wall enclosure of the building, not bearing the load, hang up like curtain, reason calls again "curtain wall", it is the light wall that contemporary large and tall building commonly USES to contain adornment effect.It is composed of panel and supporting structure system, which can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure or has a certain deformation capacity of its own, and does not bear the role of the main structure.

Curtain wall is the use of a variety of strong inside, light, beautiful building materials to replace the traditional masonry or window wall combined with the external wall construction method, is surrounded in the main structure of the periphery to make the whole building to achieve beautiful, the use of functional sound and safe external wall construction method.In short, put the building in a beautiful garment.The scope of curtain wall mainly includes the exterior wall of the building, daylighting roof and awning.

Curtain wall can be divided into: building curtain wall, component building curtain wall, unit curtain wall, glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal curtain wall, full glass curtain wall, point supported glass curtain wall, etc


I. concept of curtain wall

The building envelope is composed of structural frame and Mosaic plate, which does not bear the load and function of the main structure.

Ii. Curtain wall development trend

A. from heavy and heavy to lighter plate and structure (natural stone thickness is 25mm, new material thinness reaches 1mm)

B. Less varieties gradually move towards multi-type plates and richer colors (currently there are nearly 60 kinds of plates applied in external walls, such as stone, ceramic plate, glass-ceramics plate, glass-ceramics glass, high-pressure laminate, cement fiber filament plate, glass, inorganic glass reinforced plastics, ceramic plate, metal plate, etc.)

C. Higher safety performance

D. more flexible and convenient construction technology

E. Higher waterproof performance, extending the service life of curtain wall (from closed curtain wall to open curtain wall)

F. Environmental protection and energy conservation

Iii. Curtain wall classification:

1. Closed and open type

2. Differences between the two:

A. The closed type shall use the neutral silicon-copper weatherproof sealant and foam bar, and the open type shall not be used

B, open than closed cost lower, waterproof effect is good, long life, easy to wind

Iv. Performance of curtain wall

1. Wind pressure deformation 2. Rainwater leakage 3. Air permeability 4

V. three advantages of curtain wall:

Beautiful, energy-saving, easy to maintain

Economical double curtain wall structure

1, an overview of the

With the rapid development of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, as well as the improvement of architects' design concept of "human nature in architecture", buildings are increasingly developing towards high-rise, high-grade and multi-functional directions.Therefore, building curtain wall products are bound to develop towards the direction of high-tech and multi-functional, so as to adapt to people's increasing awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, and meet the market demand for building curtain wall functions.

Double curtain wall or ventilation curtain wall as a popular building envelope, originated in North America, in Europe has been widely used.As far as ventilation is concerned, it can be divided into two systems: internal ventilation and external ventilation.The outer layer of the inner ventilation double-layer curtain wall is enclosed structure, and the air exchange is carried out in the two floors of the curtain wall. It usually requires the cooperation of the centralized forced ventilation system to exchange with the nature and achieve the final effect.The double curtain wall system with internal ventilation is widely used in Italy.External ventilation with the help of the building outside air, through the double curtain wall of the air inlet and outlet reasonable distribution of airflow, direct exchange with the nature, to achieve the final effect.The application of exterior ventilation double-layer building curtain wall is more in Germany and Britain.

The height of the curtain wall may be the height of a single, multi-storey or even the entire building, or some combination of the above.The most common is the single height structure, the advantages of the single and double curtain wall: separate fire, smoke, smell and noise between the floors, and easy to achieve the standardized design and production of curtain wall units.

In temperate climates such as continental Europe and the United Kingdom, the architectural field is very wide for the application of double curtain wall, architecture experts believe that double curtain wall can reduce cooling load, facilitate good natural ventilation, facilitate daylighting, control noise, reduce thermal energy consumption.

Generally speaking, the cost of double-layer curtain wall is much higher than that of ordinary curtain wall, so it is necessary to discuss the new curtain wall structure, so that it has the advantages of double-layer curtain wall and the economy of ordinary curtain wall.This paper introduces a kind of building curtain wall structure which has been used in foreign countries.

2. Structure of economic double-layer ventilation curtain wall

The economic double-layer ventilation curtain wall adopts the structural form of the overall unit system. The spacing between the inner and outer curtain walls is 155mm. The whole system is light, simple and economical.The curtain wall frame adopts aluminum alloy keel, which is processed, made and assembled in the factory.Insulating glass, single layer glass and lining insulation decorative board are used for the surface material.Waterproof, sealing tape (pad) with epdm or silicone, and aluminum alloy contact parts of the hardware accessories with stainless steel material.It is then transported to the site and suspended directly above the main structure of the building.

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