What performance does glass curtain wall system have | JINGWAN

What performance does glass curtain wall system have | JINGWAN

Glass curtain wall generally from the heat preservation performance, sound insulation performance, safety performance and visual effect of four aspects of comprehensive consideration, following the Jingwan curtain wall manufacturing together to understand the performance of glass curtain wall system.


1. thermal insulation performance.

Compared with the traditional envelope structure, the glass curtain wall of the building has better thermal insulation and energy saving effect. In order to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation and energy saving, it is necessary to reduce the overall heat transfer coefficient of the curtain wall.But the heat transfer coefficient is composed of the Y value of the heat transfer coefficient of the glass, the profile and the edge of the hollow glass, that is, the heat transfer coefficient of the profile and the hollow glass is mainly considered in the structural design.

residential curtain wall

Residential curtain wall

2. Sound insulation performance

The air sound insulation level of the ordinary building curtain wall is 3, the all-glass curtain wall with 10~19mm single glass and ordinary hollow glass can meet the requirements, if the air sound insulation level is 4, the ordinary configuration of hollow glass is probably difficult to meet the requirements.In order to improve the sound insulation performance of hollow glass, the structure of hollow glass must be considered, as follows.

(1) Adopt soft connection to avoid sound bridge phenomenon.

(2) Thinning glass PVB film has a certain blocking effect on sound waves, which can effectively block the propagation of sound.If laminated glass is used to synthesize insulating glass structure, the effect on glass damping is great.

(3) Use asymmetric glass.Under the same material, size, thickness and boundary constraint conditions, each layer of glass has the same natural frequency, which is easy to resonance, resulting in low frequency vibration of glass itself and secondary noise radiation.

interior curtain wall

Interior curtain wall

3. Safety performance

The vitreous body is easily broken by the influence of temperature or the impact of external forces, toughened glass is the same.The use of laminated glass should also take into account that the curtain wall can not become a furnace because of the laminated glass, and the tempered glass should be designed in the appropriate position.And there should be clear signs so that you can escape in case of fire.

4. External view effect

The glass window is the envelope of the building, but also the coat of the building.The designer uses its rich color and artistic modeling to express the design concept and create a colorful artistic effect.

Ripple formed by heat, when observing the reflected light of tempered (or semi-tempered) glass under some special natural lighting conditions, we can see the light and dark stripe on the glass surface. This kind of stripe with different brightness is called stress spot.

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Post time: Apr-21-2021