What’s so good about the aluminum curtain wall?Why is it so popular now?

What’s so good about the aluminum curtain wall?Why is it so popular now?

Curtain wall is also known as hanging wall, which refers to the light wall hanging on the outside of the main structure of the building.This kind of wall body asks light already, want to satisfy oneself strength, heat preservation, waterproof, windproof sand, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation to wait for a lot of requirement again.

Currently, the materials used for curtain wall are a variety of natural stone panels, artificial stone panels (such as colored concrete decorative concrete), composite panels, metal panels and various types of glass.The connection between the curtain wall and the main structure is mostly made of flexible connection, that is, the curtain wall is hung on the outside of the main structure by bolts through the Angle steel to form the hanging wall, namely the curtain wall.The reason why the building curtain wall has vitality is that in recent years, countries all over the world are committed to the application of new technologies and new materials.

The reason why building curtain wall can be widely used and popularized in various fields of architecture in a short time is that it has unique functions and characteristics that other materials cannot match:

Aluminum curtain wall features:

1. Good artistic effect.

The artistic effect of curtain wall (aluminum veneer curtain wall) is incomparable to other materials.It breaks the traditional boundary between Windows and walls and cleverly blends them together.

It makes the building appear different colors from different angles, giving people dynamic beauty with the changes of sunlight, moonlight, lights and surrounding scenery.

This unique and bright artistic effect is organically integrated with the surrounding environment, avoiding the oppression of tall buildings, and can change the indoor and outdoor environment, so that the inside and outside scenery integration.

2. Light weight.

Glass curtain wall is lighter than other walls (aluminum honeycomb curtain wall).Below the circumstance of same area, the quality of vitreous curtain wall is about the 1/10 ~ 1/12 that stuccoed with brick wall, it is the 1/15 of quality of dry hang marble, granite curtain wall, it is the 1/5 ~ 1/7 of concrete hang plate.

Since the mass of the inside and outside walls of the building is 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the total amount of the building, the use of glass curtain wall can greatly reduce the quality of the building and significantly reduce the impact of the earthquake on the building.

3. Fast installation speed.

Because curtain wall basically is made up of profile and all sorts of plank, use material standard to be able to be industrialized, construction is simple do not have wet job, operation procedure is little, accordingly construction speed is fast.

4. Easy to update and maintain.

Strong reconstructive, easy to replace.Because its material is oneness, quality is light, installation is simple, because this curtain wall is used perennially after damage change new elevation is very convenient and quick, maintenance is simple also.

5. Low temperature stress.

Glass, metal, stone and other flexible materials are connected with the frame body to reduce the temperature stress caused by the temperature change on the structure, and can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake.

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Post time: Apr-11-2020