Why are there no railings in the glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

Why are there no railings in the glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

The setting of railings for floor glass of curtain wall is a controversial issue in the design of glass curtain wall. Because some old specifications are still in existence and the technology is out of date, it leads to a lot of trouble.

At present, the floor glass of many buildings at home and abroad are not equipped with railings, although we do not know from the appearance whether laminated glass or only single-layer glass or single-layer glass insulating glass is used, but there must be one thing:

Not all floor-to-ceiling glass must be equipped with railings, at least a considerable number of construction projects have not done railings have been in normal use for many years, is not worrying.

Glue glass can ensure people's safety

A single piece of floor-to-ceiling glass (float glass, semi-toughened glass and tempered glass) may be scattered after impact, so that indoor personnel are in danger of falling outside. The curtain wall floor glass is equipped with anti-collision device to prevent the occurrence of this danger.

Glue-filled glass is non-flying glass, although the impact can break the glass, but can not pass through the glue-filled glass plate. The glass curtain wall adopts non-dispersible glue glass, which eliminates the danger of indoor personnel falling outside, so there is no need to set up anti-collision railings.

Floor-to-ceiling glass can also be provided without railings:

The glass curtain walls of many super high-rise buildings use glue on the outside and a single piece of glass on the inside (toughened or semi-toughened). Although the inner single piece of glass may be broken, but due to the glue of the outer glass, there is no danger of personnel falling, so it is not necessary to do railings. Super high-rise buildings, glass curtain walls are outer glass glue, inner glass monolithic, these projects are not equipped with railings.

Of course, the crossbeam of the curtain wall had better be adjusted to a height of about 900 mm, which will be safer. Large glass does not have railings, which fully shows the permeability of ultra-white glass. The inner glass is glue-filled glass, will not fly away, and three pieces of glass are made of ultra-white glass, the possibility of self-explosion is very small? Is it possible for ultra-white glass to self-explode? ), so the floor-to-ceiling glass of 162 floors are not equipped with railings or other anti-collision facilities. Many floors have aluminum beams for glass curtain walls only at 400mm.

Toughened floor glass with thickness above 10mm can be provided without railing:

Several finite element calculations and analyses show that the toughened glass with thickness above 10mm can resist the impact of human body without breaking.

The tempered glass has a thickness of 1.2m × 2.9m and a thickness of 10mm. It bears the concentrated impact force of 1.4X150kg, and its maximum bending stress is only 45N/mm2, which is much less than its bending strength. The impact test also fully proves this conclusion.

In fact, the toughened glass with 10mm thickness has been used as an independent glass fence in many projects, which shows that its impact resistance has been objectively recognized. What's more, the curtain wall glass is not cantilever installed, but is supported on four sides, and the working conditions are much better.

Here extends the knowledge about Lan River Glass, the thickness of Glass Lan River Glass is not less than 16mm glass. And it is best to use glue glass.

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