Why Do Tall Buildings Need Curtain Walls | JINGWAN

Why Do Tall Buildings Need Curtain Walls | JINGWAN

Curtain wall, when it comes to this word, we may be very familiar with, such as curtain glass wall, stone curtain wall, metal curtain wall and so on...But do you know why high-rise buildings need curtain walls?Jingwan professional curtain wall manufacturing project from the curtain wall temperature change resistance, seismic, cost saving and other aspects of the advantages of using building curtain wall.

Why do tall buildings need curtain walls?

No matter where you are, if you look up at the tall buildings standing in the sky, you will find that they all have architectural curtain walls.Curtain walls are used in high-rise buildings instead of traditional filled walls.In addition to architectural function and artistic factors, safety and economy considerations are more important.

Curtain walls are needed to resist temperature changes

When the external temperature changes, the structure will undergo thermal expansion.In summer, if no measures are taken, the structure will be squeezed and bent, squeezed, and in winter, the structure will produce cracks and fractures.Therefore, the building with a large construction area should also be divided into several sections by warm joints, so as to reduce the impact of temperature changes.

Large buildings can be set up vertical temperature joints, a number of segments, but high-rise buildings can not use horizontal segments.Because the floor after the horizontal segments can not be suspended.

Curtain walls are needed to resist earthquake disasters 

Through the shaking table test of 7 different types of building curtain walls (glass curtain walls) conducted by Structural Research Institute of China Academy of Building Sciences, the results show that even if the input acceleration of the table is 0.9g (equivalent to a 10 degree earthquake) and the structural displacement reaches more than 1/60, the curtain walls will not be damaged and the performance is good.

The curtain wall saves the cost of structure and foundation

Steel, cement and other building materials belong to high energy consumption, high cost materials, saving materials, is to save energy and resources.In this way, the material consumption of the main structure can be greatly reduced, and the foundation load can be reduced, and the cost of the foundation can be saved.

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