Why is it called a curtain wall?

Why is it called a curtain wall?

Curtain wall is the outer wall of the building, do not bear the weight, hang up like the curtain, it is also called hanging wall, is the light wall with decorative effect commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings.The building envelope is composed of structural frame and Mosaic plate, which does not bear the load and function of the main structure.Follow the glass curtain wall manufacturers to learn more:

Classification and difference of curtain wall:

Curtain wall is divided into closed and open, the difference between the two is closed with neutral silicon copper weatherproof sealant, foam bar, open without;Open than closed cost lower, waterproof effect is good, long life, easy to wind.

Is it a coincidence that all the tall buildings use curtain walls instead of traditional filling walls?

No, in addition to the architectural function and artistic factors, more important is the consideration of safety and economy.

Curtain wall features:

The curtain wall is usually composed of a panel (glass, aluminum, SLATE, ceramic, etc.) and a supporting structure at the back (aluminum beam column, steel structure, glass rib, etc.).

The exterior wall system is supported on the main structure, which is usually enclosed.Due to the wide gap between the panels and the movable ability of the connection between the panels and the beam column, the curtain wall is in the plane and can withstand large deformation of 1/100.

If the curtain wall is connected with the main structure by bolts, rocker arm and spring mechanism, it can produce a large relative displacement between the two, even when the main structure moves to the side of 1/60, the curtain wall will not be damaged.

Advantages of curtain wall:

1. Curtain wall is needed to resist temperature change

When the external temperature changes, the structure will expand and contract.If no measures are taken, the structure will be squeezed and crushed in summer.In winter the structure will crack and break.Therefore, buildings with large construction areas should also be divided into several sections by temperature joints to reduce the impact of temperature changes.

Buildings with large areas can be divided into vertical temperature slits, but tall buildings cannot be cut into sections by horizontal slits, because the floors after horizontal slits cannot be hung.

If there is no way to solve the problem of temperature change in high-rise buildings in a piecewise way, there is only one way:

The entire structure is enclosed with the building curtain wall, so that the structure is in the room and the temperature will no longer change, which will not cause damage to the structure and ensure the safety of the main structure.This is one of the main reasons why tall buildings must adopt curtain walls.

However, traditional brick walls and block walls are filled in the plane of beam and column, and part of the beam and column is exposed to the outdoor atmosphere, which is directly affected by the temperature change.Therefore, the filling wall cannot solve the problem of temperature change and is difficult to be applied in tall buildings.

2. Walls are needed to resist earthquake disasters

Seven shaking table tests of various types of building curtain walls have been carried out in the structure of China academy of building sciences. The results show that the curtain walls are not damaged and maintain good performance even when the input acceleration of the mesa reaches 0.9g (equivalent to a 10 degree earthquake) and the structural displacement reaches more than 1/60.

Masonry filled walls crack when 1/1000 displacement, damage when 1/300 displacement, even in small earthquakes will produce damage, under the earthquake will be seriously damaged.The reason is that it has poor deformation capacity in its own plane, and is filled in the main structure, so it cannot have relative displacement, and is forced to vibrate together, resulting in the final failure.Conventional glass Windows are much the same.Therefore, the earthquake damage in the earthquake is very serious.

The wide gap and special connection structure of the building curtain wall make it resistant to large displacement and deformation of 1/100 ~ 1/60.Similar to the leaves relative to the branches, curtain relative to the platform, no matter how the main structure shake, the curtain wall can be safe.

Tall buildings rise into the sky, the earthquake in the strong swing, only the curtain wall to ensure the safety of the earthquake, will not fall down, to prevent casualties.

The above is the introduction of the curtain wall;We are a glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall manufacturers, welcome to consult ~

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