Construction method of framed glass curtain wall

Construction method of framed glass curtain wall

 What is the construction method of modular curtain wall?Below follow the detailed understanding of jingwan curtain wall manufacturing?

    1.1. The overall construction plan of framed glass curtain wall is as follows:

  Make full use of the field operation, overall arrangement, and shorten the construction period on the premise of ensuring the quality of the project.The column partition of the curtain wall is installed from the bottom up, and the glass plate is installed from the top down in the section.

  1.2. Installation and construction process

  Wire discharge → embedded parts rectifying deviation and field drawing test → installation of steel support → installation of aluminum alloy column → installation of lightning protection system → installation of fireproof material → installation of beam → installation of glass panel → caulking and glue → cleaning → acceptance

  Note: the above process only reflects the main installation process, each process needs to have full-time staff quality inspection.

  1.2.1 measure discharge line

  According to civil engineering provide datum axis, horizontal line, after we reinspect the curtain wall measuring unreeling, should be made to match the main body structure measuring unreeling, upward from the ground, step by step a level elevation to avoid the cumulative error, should be paid attention to when measuring unreeling on time every day to reduce the influence of the temperature difference, wind measurement should not be more than 4, the process is the important part of the curtain wall engineering, must strict operating and testing, to ensure that the pay-off is accurate.Should be along the floor along the pop-up ink line or with the piano line to determine the curtain wall plane datum line, from the datum line to the curtain wall plane position.

  With this line as the reference to determine the column before and after the position, so as to determine the position of the entire curtain wall.

  1.2.2 retesting and drawing test of embedded parts

  In order to ensure the connection between the curtain wall and the main structure is firm and reliable, the drawing test of embedded parts should be carried out before the construction and installation of the curtain wall, and check whether the connection position and embedded parts meet the design requirements.

  Elevation deviation ±10mm axis deviation ±10mm axis difference ±10mm

  After the completion of the inspection, the field inspector shall submit the inspection report to the project manager.

  1.2.3 civil engineering rectification

  According to the result of laying out, if the out-of-tolerance part of the main structure is determined to affect the external wall construction, the civil contractor shall be responsible for the correction within a certain period of time.

  1.2.4 preinstallation of steel support

  The steel support of this project together with the insulation gasket is preinstalled with the aluminum alloy column through the stainless steel bolt, and is installed upward from the bottom of the curtain wall project in the installation section with the column.

  1.2.5 erection of columns

  The aluminum alloy column section of the curtain wall is installed upward from the bottom of the curtain wall, through the embedded parts and the main structure, and through the long hole on the support to adjust the column entry and exit position.The installation process of aluminum alloy column is as follows:

  (1) check whether the column size and machining hole location are correct and consistent with the construction drawing;

  (2) install the upper pillar accessories (core sleeve, anti-corrosion gasket, connecting support, aluminum code);

  (3) install the column and adjust the position of the column by adjusting the bolt to ensure that the installation error of the column conforms to the specification.

  (4) installation error control:

  Elevation: + 3 mm

  Before and after: + 2 mm

  About: + 3 mm

  Aluminum curtain wall columns are connected with embedded parts by steel supports, which are processed in the factory.Curtain wall aluminum alloy column installation, should pay special attention to the steel, aluminum contact isolation (anticorrosive gasket), in order to prevent heterogeneous metal electrochemical corrosion.After the installation of the aluminum alloy column, the surface coating of the steel member shall be inspected and the damaged part shall be brushed.

  The vertical column is one of the key elements of curtain wall installation and construction. Its quality affects the installation quality of the whole curtain wall. installation of curtain wall lightning protection system and technical guarantee measures

  Lightning protection design is carried out according to the current national standard “lightning protection design standard for buildings” gb50057-94.

  The main body of the project has been formed, the whole building has been in uniform pressure.The curtain wall system is reliably connected to the main structure for lightning protection, forming an electrical path.

  Special note:

  During the installation of curtain wall skeleton, the installed curtain wall skeleton should be connected with the lightning protection system of the main part of the building in time to prevent lightning strikes during the installation.

  1.2.7 installation of beams

  After the installation and adjustment of the column, the beam can be installed. The beam and column are connected by aluminum alloy corner code with bolts.

  The crossbeam is a horizontal component, which is embedded and installed in the vertical column in sections. Silicone sealant is injected into the gap between the two ends of the crossbeam and the vertical column. This silicone sealant has two functions:

  (1) sealing to ensure the elimination of condensate in the room;

  (2) adapt to or eliminate the requirements of transverse temperature deformation.

  The horizontal elevation deviation of two adjacent beams shall be no more than 1mm, and the elevation deviation of the same layer shall be no more than 4mm. Meanwhile, it shall be consistent with the panel groove of the column, and its surface deviation shall be no more than 1mm.

  The beam installation of the same layer shall be carried out from bottom to top. When the installation of the first layer is completed, it shall be inspected, adjusted, calibrated and fixed to meet the quality requirements.

  1.2.8 installation of curtain wall fire protection system and technical guarantee measures

  According to the “fire code for commercial building design” gb50045-95 and “fire code for architectural design” gbj16-87 fire design, the upper and lower wall sealing is completed by the fire insulation layer.

  1.2.9 glass plate installation

  The site shall be installed on the clear drawing number, panel number to confirm its installation location, installation shall be carried out on the scaffold.

  Before installing the frame glass, install the glass mat block in the beam glass slot in advance.Place the glass in the frame slot, adjust the upper and lower, left and right positions of the glass unit plate, press the aluminum alloy layering, buckle the aluminum alloy decoration, glue injection.

  Clean the glass before installation, the aluminum frame should also be clean, should pay attention to the glass indoor and outdoor orientation;Glass must not be in direct contact with other components.

  Glass installation, should control the width of the glass joint is consistent, and ensure that the joint is straight.

  1.2.10 installation of glass curtain wall opening fan

  After the fixed glass plate of section glass curtain wall is installed, the opening fan of glass curtain wall shall be installed.

  1.2.11 glue for caulking and sealing

  Curtain wall plate components installed or complete a certain unit, instant to gap filling the gap, gap filling first part use cleaner process of purification, according to the rules into foam, the glue line protection tape on both sides of the glass with 12.7 mm wide, with weather resistance sealant caulking, should be used after injecting stains scrub clean, make the weather resistance and firm bonding of glass group box, glue line level off is smooth.7.2.12 boundary sealing and top sealing and repair shall be carried out when the top plate is installed, and leakage prevention and insulation requirements shall be considered;The bottom sealing repair is carried out before the plate is installed to the corresponding position.

  1.2.13 cleaning

  After the installation of each floor, clear the sundries on the site. After the installation of the whole project, clean up the site and temporary facilities, submit to the owner for acceptance. Meanwhile, prepare to evacuate the site.

  1.2.14 drenching test and self-test

  Fire cock is used on site to conduct water pouring test on the curtain wall after construction. The water pouring amount is not less than 4 L/min and the time is 10min.

  No place is required to have leakage phenomenon, through self – inspection.

  1.2.15 measures to ensure the anti-seepage and drainage technology of curtain wall

  In the design of curtain wall, the curtain wall opening window structure is designed by using the isobaric principle, and the isobaric cavity formed by the curtain wall structure is used to prevent water seepage.In the fixed glass part of the curtain wall, two silicone seals are used inside and outside. The lower part of each glass is provided with two drainage outlets filled with hydrophobic sponge to drain the rainwater that may be stored on the horizontal frame to the outdoor.

  The project in the design, material selection, the formation of high-quality installation and construction to ensure the curtain wall impermeable, drainage performance.

Ok, the above is the detailed introduction of the installation process of the module curtain wall, we specialize in providing production: Units, Unitized;Welcome the enterprise which has the need to contact us ~


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