Construction scheme of all-glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

Construction scheme of all-glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

The installation and construction of glass curtain wall is a joint construction of many kinds of work, which is not only complicated, but also requires very fine operation. At the same time, it is closely related to the construction schedule of other sub-projects. In order to make the construction and installation of the glass curtain wall proceed smoothly, the construction organization design of a single project must be worked out according to the actual situation of the project, which must be confirmed by the general contractor.

Construction preparation

1. Technical data collection

On-site civil design data collection and civil structure size measurement. As there may be some changes in civil construction, the actual dimensions are not necessarily in line with the design drawings. The all-glass curtain wall has higher requirements for the dimensions related to civil structures. Therefore, before the design, we must go to the site to measure and obtain first-hand data. Then a feasible curtain wall separation diagram can be drawn according to the requirements of the owner. For the part that has the entrance and exit of the gate, it must also cooperate with the unit that makes the automatic revolving door and the full glass door, so that the glass curtain wall has a reliable closure on and near the door. At the same time, it also needs to meet the installation and maintenance requirements of the automatic revolving door.

2. Determination of design and construction plan

Determine the design and construction plan. In the design and separation of the glass curtain wall, in addition to considering the uniform and beautiful appearance, attention should be paid to reducing the specifications and models of the glass as much as possible. As the outdoor designs of all kinds of buildings are different, for projects with outdoor canopies and driving ramps, more attention should be paid to coordinating the overall construction sequence and progress, so as to prevent the construction of other outdoor facilities, affect crane walking and glass curtain wall installation. Before the formal construction, the site of the construction area should be leveled and filled, and the site should be cleaned up to ensure that the crane runs smoothly.

3. Inspection of main construction machines and tools

(1) the inspection of glass hoisting and transport equipment and equipment, especially the performance of the crane operating system and electric sucker.

(2) performance inspection of all kinds of electric and manual tools.

(3) the deviation between the position of the embedded parts and the design position should not be greater than 20mm.

Installation and construction of hanging all-glass curtain wall

1. Measuring and laying-out

The main results are as follows: (1) the measurement and layout of the positioning axis of the curtain wall must be parallel or perpendicular to the principal axis of the main structure, so as to avoid the contradiction between the curtain wall construction and the indoor and outdoor decoration construction, resulting in some defects such as the non-square angle of yin and yang and the non-parallel decoration surface.

(2) High precision laser level and theodolite should be used, together with standard steel tape measure, heavy hammer, horizontal ruler and so on. For the curtain wall with a height greater than 7m, it should be measured and checked twice to ensure the vertical accuracy of the curtain wall. It is required that the deviation of the upper and lower centerlines is less than 1 2mm.

(3) the measuring and laying-out should be carried out when the wind force is not more than 4, and the error between the actual setting-out and the design drawing should be adjusted, distributed and digested, so that it can not be accumulated. It is usually solved by properly adjusting the width of the gap and the positioning of the frame. If the dimensional error is found to be large, it should be reflected in time so that a piece of glass can be remade or other methods can be reasonably solved.

2. Lay-out positioning

The all-glass curtain wall is to fix the glass directly with the main structure, so the position of the glass should be bounced to the ground first, and then the anchor point should be determined according to the size of the outer edge.

Installation of upper load-bearing steel structure

(1) pay attention to check the firmness of the embedded parts or anchoring steel plate, the quality of the anchor bolt selected should be reliable, the position of the anchor bolt should not be close to the edge of the reinforced concrete member, the hole diameter and depth should comply with the technical regulations of the anchor bolt manufacturer, and the ash in the hole should be cleaned and blown clean.

(2) the installation position and height of each component should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of layout positioning and design drawings. The most important thing is that the center line of the load-bearing steel beam must be consistent with the center line of the curtain wall, and the center of the elliptical screw hole should be consistent with the position of the designed suspender bolt.

(3) the installation of the inner metal buckle clip must be smooth and straight. The sectional pull-through line should be checked and the deviation caused by welding should be straightened. The outer metal clamp should be assembled according to the number, and it is also required to be straight. The distance between the inner and outer metal clamps should be uniform and the size should meet the design requirements.

(4) after all steel structures have been welded, the concealed engineering quality shall be checked and accepted, and the engineer shall be asked to sign the acceptance, and then apply antirust paint after the acceptance is qualified.

Lower and side frame installation

(1) check the quality of the glass again, especially pay attention to whether the glass has cracks and broken edges, and whether the position of the copper plate is correct. Clean the surface of the glass with a dry cloth and mark the center of the glass with a marker.

(2) install electric sucker. The electric sucker must be positioned, symmetrical, and slightly above the center of the glass, so that the glass after lifting will not be skewed left or right, nor will it rotate.

(3) try lifting. The electric sucker must be positioned, and then the glass should be hoisted by 2! 3cm, To check whether each sucker firmly absorbs the glass.

(4) install manual sucker, cable rope and side protective rubber sleeve in the appropriate position of the glass. The manual sucker on the glass enables workers working at different heights to assist the glass when the glass is in place. The cable is so that when the glass is lifted, rotated and in place, the workers can control the swing of the glass and prevent the glass from getting out of control by the wind and the rotation of the crane.

(5) paste a low foaming spacer strip on the inside of the upper and lower frame where the glass is to be installed, and the width of the strip is the same as the designed seam width. Leave enough glue thickness when pasting the tape.

The above is the introduction of the construction plan of the all-glass curtain wall. if you want to know more about the glass curtain wall, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: May-19-2022