Curtain wall leakage hidden trouble treatment method | JINGWAN

Curtain wall leakage hidden trouble treatment method | JINGWAN

Water seepage prevention is the key link of curtain wall manufacture, but in the construction process, curtain wall waterproof work has been involved in it, Jingwan curtain wall manufacturing will talk to you about how to better deal with the hidden danger of curtain wall leakage!

Treatment method of installation leakage hidden trouble for curtain wall leakage maintenance:

1. Waterproof building curtain wall

According to relevant standards, the building curtain wall should have a 3.5mm ~ 4.5mm waterproof sealing layer, and should keep the sealing layer surface smooth.If the sealing layer is too thick, it will weaken the tensile force. If it is too thin, it is prone to water leakage or reduce the sealing effect.Not only the thickness of the sealing ring, if the sealing ring is not evenly laid, but also affect the quality of the project.

2. Leakage of the connecting part of the curtain wall

The common connection methods of curtain wall connection are: embedding embedded parts or using expansion bolts.If the position of the embedded parts is not embedded according to the design requirements, there may be secondary embedding phenomenon in the construction, such as too large distance between the bolt and the column center, which will lead to unstable connection.

3. Leakage prevention of materials in the construction of building curtain wall

In the process of material procurement, it often appears that the purchased materials do not have the necessary quality certificates, which brings additional difficulties to the inspection personnel when they judge and classify the purchased materials.Building curtain wall construction involves a lot of materials, such as metal bars, bolts, etc., if the quality cannot be guaranteed, it will become a hidden danger of engineering safety.

In addition, if the engineering structure with adhesive procurement can not determine its bonding force, the impact on the project can not be made up.Because there are many kinds of glue, different methods of use, some need to try first, some need to try first, some need to try first, and then try again.When the bond report is lost, its use method is uncertain.

4. Install lightning protection equipment to prevent the curtain wall from leaking

The building body forms an organic whole with the top of the curtain wall, and the lightning protection receiver is installed at this position, when the receiver passes through the top.If not properly sealed, water seepage will occur.In the construction of stone curtain wall, attention should be paid to preventing the pollution of dry stone glue to stone section.

If pollution occurs, the stone should be cleaned in time before the weather resistant adhesive seal, in order to prevent the seepage formed because of two kinds of colloid incompatibility.In addition, in the process of construction, water drench test should be carried out by stages to form a layer of water film on the surface of the curtain wall, and the construction can be continued only after no leakage is confirmed by inspection.

Because of the particularity of the building curtain wall, the construction of the curtain wall should be based on prevention and supplemented by control to prevent the possible leakage of the curtain wall.As long as the staff is serious and responsible for the work, take active and effective preventive measures, you can achieve, fundamentally improve the curtain wall leakage of this goal.

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