Glass curtain wall construction technology | JINGWAN

Glass curtain wall construction technology | JINGWAN

Want to know the curtain wall glass construction technology?Jingwan engineering glass curtain wall manufacturers to tell you.

Installation sequence of glass curtain wall: construction preparation → measurement layout → installation of embedded parts → installation of connection corner code → column installation → beam installation → manufacture and installation of structural glass assembly components → caulking of weather-resistant silicone sealant → cleaning inspection → completion acceptance.

Glass curtain wall selected points

1.look at the design requirements

(1) The drawings shall be complete and detailed, and the expression shall be standardized.Construction drawing to explain the content are: construction requirements, joint sample drawing, embedded anchorage node calculation, curtain wall keel frame in the vertical load, horizontal load under the stress and deformation calculation, lightning protection, fire prevention, drainage measures must be complete.

(2) curtain wall design measures should be taken to prevent water leakage performance, glass curtain wall of the column and beam cross section form should be according to the design of principle of constant pressure at the site of the leakage often occurred in the flow should be set to outdoor drainage hole, in easy to produce the part of the condensed water condensed water discharge pipeline should be set, artifacts when made in accordance with the requirement to drill drainage hole, opening part of the sealing material appropriate USES neoprene or silicone rubber products.

(3) Insulation gaskets (general thickness LMM) or other anti-corrosion measures should be set at the contact places of different metal materials of the glass curtain wall. The size of insulation pieces should not be less than the contact area to ensure that aluminum alloy columns are in direct contact with different steel connectors. Flexible gaskets should be set at the contact places between columns and beams.

2. Selection of materials

(1) The profile used for curtain wall should meet the requirements of high precision specified in the current national standard "Aluminum Alloy Building Profile" GB/T5237, and the thickness of anodized film should not be lower than the AA15 level specified in the "General Specification for Anodized Film of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Anodized" GB8013. The index is: the wall thickness of structural profile should not be less than 3mm.Minimum average membrane thickness of 15, and minimum local membrane thickness of 12, m.After anodized aluminum alloy profile surface color is basically uniform, do not allow corrosion spots, welding damage, black spots, oxide film off and other defects.

(2) safety glass should be used in the frame-supported glass curtain wall.The glass ribs of the point supporting glass curtain wall supported by glass ribs shall be tempered glass.Safety glass should be used in public places with large flow of people, activities of teenagers or young children and places that are vulnerable to impact during use.

3. Physical performance test

The physical performance test of building curtain wall refers to the test of many physical performance indexes such as wind pressure deformation performance, rainwater leakage performance, air permeability performance of curtain wall and displacement performance of curtain wall layer.Unit-type curtain wall and multi-span continuous beam curtain wall should take more than 2 layers of representative parts for testing.Structural adhesive, weather resistant adhesive and other materials used in the curtain wall shall be tested synchronously before use according to regulations, and shall be tested before installation of curtain wall components.Through testing, we can find the defects in the design and production and the problems that should be paid attention to in the installation process, and confirm the correctness of the design and material selection and whether the curtain wall design function conforms to the actual situation.

The above is the definition of glass curtain wall, we are Huizhou Shijing Bay Engineering Co., Ltd., professional curtain wall manufacturers, I hope this article can help you understand the glass curtain wall.

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