How does the glass curtain wall leak | JINGWAN

How does the glass curtain wall leak | JINGWAN

In the actual use process, water leakage of glass curtain wall is the most direct and most annoying quality problem of the owner, and it has become one of the most common diseases of glass curtain wall for many years.The reason of water seepage of glass wall is very complicated, involving design, material application, construction, management and other aspects, we must strengthen research, take effective measures, comprehensive prevention.Next,jingwan curtain wall manufacturing company to several common curtain wall leakage of the main reasons for analysis and put forward solutions.

There are three basic conditions leading to water seepage and leakage of curtain wall:

There are pores;

The presence of water;

There is a pressure difference between water seepage cracks.

Eliminating one or more of these basic conditions is the way to prevent water leakage:

1. Minimize pores;

2 is to keep out the rain, so that it does not wet the gap as far as possible; 

3. It is to reduce the wind pressure difference at the wet gap.

There are the following points for attention when installing the glass curtain wall:

1. Firstly, considering the design of curtain wall waterproof structure, the principle of constant pressure is adopted.The aluminum profile of the glass curtain wall is provided with an isobaric cavity and a special pressure leading hole.

2. The aluminum profile of the curtain wall is opened with a drainage hole leading to the outdoor, and the water collected from the inside of the curtain wall is discharged from the outside of the curtain wall through a small gap.It is an effective water control method to discharge a small amount of water in the isobaric cavity between glass, aluminum profile and aluminum buckle.

3. It can also be considered to set up a collection pipe and drainage pipe on the glass curtain wall to collect the water infiltrating inside the curtain wall together.In the drainage pipe unimpeded to the designated indoor drainage outlet discharge, is also a reliable drainage measure.

4. Choose high-quality structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant silicone sealant, wall glue, and strengthen inspection to prevent expired use.Choose high quality float glass, glass must be processed through the edge, the size error of the glass to meet the requirements of the standard.

5. Pay attention to the control of the use environment of sealants, and prohibit the construction of high-temperature resistant silica gel sealants in the open air in rainy days.Structural adhesive construction workshop requires clean and dust-free, the indoor temperature should not be higher than 27℃(different brands of structural adhesive use performance is different, the indoor temperature requirements are slightly different), the relative humidity should not be less than 50%.

6. Before glue injection, dust, oil, loose matter and other dirt in the aluminum frame, glass or gap should be removed first, and then the silicone sealant should be injected with weather-resistant glue. After glue injection, it should be embedded with dense, smooth surface, strengthen maintenance, prevent hand touch, water flush and other phenomena.

7. according to the requirements of the code, the glass curtain wall construction process should be stratified to check the rainproof performance, in order to repair and control the quality of the curtain wall.

8. The quality inspection of FRP curtain wall is divided into concealed acceptance and engineering acceptance.After the installation of the aluminum profile frame is completed, the main inspection is to check whether the connecting steel code is firm, the gap node installation of the curtain wall and the main structure, the installation of the expansion joint, etc.Glass curtain wall project completion acceptance is to point to glass curtain wall project completion after, undertake intermediate acceptance to each sub-item project.

9. The opening window should be carefully checked to see whether it is sealed, whether the accessories are of good material and reliable function, and whether it is flexible to open and close.

When cleaning the curtain wall, use the window cleaner of the building itself.If it is cleaned by a professional cleaning company, it must have a detailed construction organization plan and shall not damage the curtain wall.

11. Improve the completion acceptance data and hand it over to the relevant departments. The user shall formulate the curtain wall maintenance and repair plan and system in time according to the operation manual.

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