How much does a curtain wall cost?

How much does a curtain wall cost?

curtain glass wall

1, the glass curtain wall has clear glass curtain wall, hidden glass curtain wall, semi-hidden glass curtain wall these three, each price is not the same.

2. Price composition of glass curtain wall materials: aluminum, glass, auxiliary materials, structural adhesive, weather resistant adhesive.

Aluminum: 10 kilograms per square e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e4b893e5b19e31333365643563 dosage, now the price of aluminum 17 yuan per kilogram, about 170 yuan per square;

Super white double silver glass: about 180 yuan per square meter;

Auxiliary materials about 30 yuan per square;

The two-component MF881 of zhengzhou zhongyuan silande two-component MF881, a first-line brand of structure glue, 208.3l for each group, 5500 yuan, can produce about 450 square meters of frame, about 12 yuan per square;

Weather resistant adhesive with first-line brand zhengzhou zhongyuan silande mf-889,592 ml each, 21 yuan each, all hidden frame glass curtain wall glue seam 15mm, per square dosage of about 0.8, about 16 yuan.

Total materials (excluding Windows, about 70 yuan for each window) : 170+180+30+12+16=408 yuan.

3. Labor cost: installation fee including keel production, glass panel installation, gluing together about 130 yuan per square meter.

4. The labor cost of frame production is about 18 yuan per square meter;

5. The detection fee is about 5 yuan per square meter;

6. Relationship maintenance cost is about 10 yuan per square meter;

7. Other extrabudgetary expenses are about 20 yuan per square meter, such as workers’ insurance, waste of materials, etc.

8. Hoisting cost: depending on the construction period and project area, it will cost about 50 yuan per machine per day, and about 20 yuan per square meter.

Total cost: 408+130+18+5+10+20+20=611 yuan.

If the cost of unit curtain wall needs to be calculated separately, the specific cost should be calculated strictly according to the drawing. This cost is estimated, and the price has certain deviation according to the owner’s different material requirements.

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Post time: Apr-17-2020