Matters needing attention of all-glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

Matters needing attention of all-glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

Curtain walls are the external coverings of buildings, in which the exterior walls are non-structural and are only used to prevent weather and occupants from entering. Because the curtain wall is non-structural, it can be made of lightweight materials, such as glass, potentially reducing construction costs. Another advantage of glass is that natural light can go deep into the building. The facade of the curtain wall does not bear any structural load of the building except its own self-weight. The main building structure on which a wall transmits a transverse wind load through a connection on a building floor or column. Curtain walls are designed to resist air and water infiltration, absorb swings caused by wind and seismic forces acting on buildings, bear wind loads and support their own weight.

Because the all-glass curtain wall is frameless curtain wall, and the area of single glass is larger and thicker, special attention should be paid to the following points during construction:

Glass edge grinding

The processing of glass must smooth the upper and lower ends, and do not ignore the quality requirements because the upper and lower ends are not exposed. Because there is internal stress in the production and processing of glass, especially toughened glass and semi-toughened glass. The glass should be temporarily loaded on the ground in the middle and lower part of the hoisting, and there is a copper plate at the upper end of the glass, so the local stress is very large. If the edge is not smooth, the glass is easy to crack under the combined action of complex external force and internal stress.

Packaging of glass

Due to the large size of glass, generally every 2 pieces of wood packing box, wood packing box must be firm, design a good lifting point. Glass in the packing box in addition to all around with polystyrene foam board, glass and glass can not be simply separated by paper, be sure to use double-gluten polystyrene foam board. The glass inside the glass packing box cannot be moved in the process of transportation and hoisting. In particular, it should be noted that the end faces with copper clips are placed at both ends to prevent them from breaking the glass due to the impact of external forces.

 Internal and external clamping design

In the hanging all-glass curtain wall, when designing the inner and outer clamps and frames of the glass, it is necessary to cooperate closely with other professional construction, and to prevent other professional construction from welding or drilling holes on the clamps after installing the glass curtain wall. because other professional construction teams do not understand the special structure of the glass curtain wall, only consider their own professional construction convenience, and welding spark welding slag spatter on the glass will cause irrecoverable damage to the glass. Other professional construction personnel should pay more attention to prevent tool objects from falling, so as not to cause glass to break.

The above is the introduction of the matters needing attention of the all-glass curtain wall. if you want to know more about the glass curtain wall, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jan-18-2022