Glass curtain wall technology| JINGWAN

Glass curtain wall technology| JINGWAN

What technology does the glass curtain wall have? We follow the curtain wall factory to understand the curtain wall construction technology.

Process flow:

Lofting positioning → column installation → beam installation → glass installation → glue - cleaning

 Operation process

(1) Between the aluminum alloy frame system and the building structure, according to the shape, size and drawing requirements of the glass curtain wall, the connection fixed bracket is set. When lofting, the upper and lower brackets should be on the vertical line, so as to avoid the column skew in this position.

(2) Install and stand. In the fixed bracket between the two Angle steel, according to the installation elevation requirements with stainless steel pull bolts fixed, column shaft before and after deviation and left and right deviation shall not be greater than 2mm and 3mm. The Angle steel of the bracket and the contact point of the aluminum column are separated by flexible gaskets. After the column is installed and adjusted, it should be fastened in time. When the column is extended, the supporting special core tube connection should be used. There should be a gap between the upper and lower columns, and the gap width should not be less than 10m. The joint should be a movable joint to meet the deformation requirements of the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the column.

(3) Install beams. Firstly, the elevation position of each beam on the square column is determined. Aluminum Angle with thickness no less than 3mm is used to connect beam and column, and elastic rubber pad is set at the contact between beam and column. The horizontal elevation deviation of the two adjacent beams shall not exceed 1mm. The elevation deviation of the beam on the same floor, when the width of curtain wall is less than or equal to 35m, its height shall not exceed 5mm; Curtain wall width is more than 35m, curtain wall is not more than 7mm, the beam on the same floor should be installed from the bottom up. When installing a height beam, check, adjust and correct it before fixing it.

(4) Glass installation should be determined according to the specific type of curtain wall. If the curtain wall glass is coated glass, one side of the coated glass should face inward.

 Hidden frame curtain wall glass:

the glass of hidden curtain wall is a glass unit composed of silicon glue and aluminum alloy frame. Glass processing is generally carried out in the factory through a special glue machine. So as to ensure the bonding quality of glass. Due to the influence of construction site environmental conditions, the quality of glass and aluminum frame bonding is difficult to be guaranteed. After the glass unit is made, the upper part of the aluminum alloy frame in the unit is hung on the beam, and then the other three edge hooks of the aluminum alloy frame are clamped on the column and beam with a special fixed plate, and the number of fixed plates on both sides of the frame is not less than two.

 Open-frame glass curtain wall

The glass of the open-frame curtain wall is fixed to the beams and columns with pressure plates and rubber, and then bolted to the beams and columns. When fixing the glass, the connecting bolts on the pressure plate should be properly loosened to avoid the pressure plate being too tight or too loose. And close the rubber strip between the pressure plate and the glass. The positioning pad is arranged on the beam. Pad use point and glass vertical edge of the distance should be 1/4 of the width of the glass, not less than 150mm. The width of the pad should not be greater than the thickness of the supporting glass, and the length should not be less than 25mm, which meets relevant requirements.

Semi-hidden frame curtain wall

Half hidden wall curtain wall one direction hidden frame, on the other hand bright frame. The edge of glass is fixed by structural silica gel, and the edge of glass in the direction of open frame is fixed by pressing plate and connecting bolt. For the concrete construction method of hidden frame and open frame, refer to the glass installation method of hidden frame curtain wall and open frame curtain wall.


the temperature and humidity of gluing should meet the requirements of relevant specifications.


after the installation of glass curtain wall glass, clean the polluted glass and aluminum with neutral detergent and water.

The above is a brief introduction about the glass curtain wall. If you want to know more about the glass curtain wall, please contact our curtain wall company.


Post time: Dec-07-2021