Summary of double-layer ventilation Design of Glass Curtain Wall| JINGWAN

Summary of double-layer ventilation Design of Glass Curtain Wall| JINGWAN

What is the double-layer ventilation design of glass curtain wall? What kind of function can double-layer ventilation glass play? Next, the curtain wall manufacturers will give you a brief account.

Precious energy is the basis of human survival and development, the protection of human survival of the earth environment, related to human life and death of a major issue, so energy conservation, environmental protection has become one of the themes of human pursuit of sustainable development. Environmental protection requires energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection. In the past 40 years, "openness, communication, comfort, nature, environmental protection and energy saving" have become the three major concepts of international buildings in the new century, and building energy saving and intelligence has become the trend of the world.

A Summary of the Design of double-layer Glass Curtain Wall

Building curtain wall is a symbol of modern architecture, and it is used more and more widely, but the comprehensive energy consumption of external protection structures such as curtain walls, doors and windows accounts for more than 75% of the building energy consumption. although a large number of modern single-layer glass curtain walls gradually use float glass, hollow glass, broken bridge profiles and other energy-saving materials, their thermal performance has been greatly improved than before, but there is still a high energy consumption problem. The double-layer ventilated glass curtain wall developed in recent years, with its scientific structure, perfect function and advanced design concept, makes full use of solar energy and natural ventilation, reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning, reduces the influence of wind, rain and bad climate, and creates a comfortable and warm living and working environment, which is favored by architectural designers and investors.

In recent years, glass curtain wall has become a sealing technology solution, and more and more designers apply it to commercial buildings. Traditional high-performance glass windows can no longer meet the requirements of most indoor comfort and energy saving in heating and cooling. Therefore, more efficient glass curtain walls emerge as the times require. The purpose of these new glass curtain walls is to reduce cooling in summer and heat loss in winter, improve energy saving, thermal comfort and sound insulation, and optimize the effect of sunlight.

The breathable active curtain wall has been paid attention to by people all the time. A natural or mechanically ventilated air hole is arranged between the two layers of glass of the curtain wall, so that the curtain wall has dynamic characteristics, and the ventilation mode can be changed and the position of the sunshade device in the ventilation layer can be adjusted to adapt to the indoor and outdoor loads and meet the needs of different users. It consists of a mechanically ventilated breathable curtain wall that combines the HVAC system (a central air conditioning system with heating, ventilation and air conditioning). The circulating ventilation glass curtain wall continuously monitors the temperature, heat flux and air velocity. People say that this technology is sustainable, improves indoor comfort and reduces energy consumption, but these problems have not been clearly evaluated, verified and quantified.

At present, there is not only a lack of tools for designing and analyzing curtain walls, optimizing curtain wall design and HVAC system, but also lacking and incomplete experimental data of active curtain wall.

The above is an overview of the double-layer ventilation design of the glass curtain wall. if you want to know more about the glass curtain wall, please feel free to contact our curtain wall factory for advice.

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Post time: Dec-28-2021