The Difference Between Glass Curtain Wall And Window | JINGWAN

The Difference Between Glass Curtain Wall And Window | JINGWAN

Today, many tall buildings have a glass device that reflects light, called a glass curtain wall.It's different from a window, what's the difference between a glass curtain wall and a window?Below, Jingwan professional curtain wall manufacturing engineering to tell you.

What is glass curtain wall?

It is a protective member of the external wall hanging on the outside of the building structure.Its dead weight and received wind load, seismic effects through the anchor point through the point transfer to the main structure of the building.The seams and connections between the curtain wall components are treated with modern construction techniques, so that the curtain wall forms a continuous wall.The glass curtain wall is installed with coated glass to avoid exterior and sunlight.Glass curtain wall structure is relatively smooth, glass curtain wall can be installed flat window, better ventilation effect.The glass wall is also made of aluminum tubes, which we want to re-install in the frame.

What's a window?

The architectural term refers to a hole in a wall or roof that is used to bring light or air into a room.Structurally, the curtain wall is a connected envelope system suspended outside the main structure, while the window is a connected envelope system supported inside the main structure.As the building structure envelope members, the window in the building structure mainly to daylighting, ventilation effect.Its include window frame and sash, according to frame material is different divide: window of wooden window, steel window, aluminum alloy and model steel window.According to the different divide of open means: level open window, stand turn window, push and pull a window to wait.

Different nature

1. curtain wall:

Building outer wall envelope, no load, hanging on the curtain.

2. window:

A hole in a wall or roof used to bring light or air into a room.

Characteristics of different

1. Curtain wall features:

(1) It is an independent and complete overall structural system.

(2) The facade of the main structure is usually covered with a curtain wall, which usually covers its surface.

(3) It has certain fretting ability with the main structure on the plane.

2. Window features:

(1) the use of thermal insulation aluminum alloy profiles, internal and external aluminum alloy and thermal insulation belt through rolling combination.

(2) Hollow glass is used to improve heat insulation and sound insulation.

(3) the push window adopts the independent sealing structure, the push window adopts the double rubber strip, double wool strip, four seal structure, the flat window adopts the principle of equal pressure, the use of a hard two soft three seal structure, excellent gas and water tightness performance.

(4) beautiful appearance, flexible operation, safe and reliable, the selection of high-grade accessories is conducive to the insulation effect of the window.

Effect of different

1. curtain wall effect:

(1) light weight

Relative to the same area, the quality of the glass curtain wall is about 1/10~1/12 of the white brick wall, about 1/15 of the marble, granite and facing wet wall, and about 1/5~1/7 of the concrete hanging board.The mass of the internal and external walls of ordinary buildings is generally about 1/4~1/5 of the total weight of the building.It can greatly reduce the weight of building curtain wall, thus reducing the cost of foundation engineering.

(2) Flexible design

Art is very effective.Designers can design various shapes according to their needs.It can present different colors, harmonize with the surrounding environment, cooperate with lighting and so on, so that the building is integrated with nature, reduce the sense of depression of high-rise buildings.

(3) strong seismic ability

In the high-rise building, the strong wind seismic flexible design is the best choice.

2. Window function:

(1) If you want the window to let in light, the sunlight will bring in extra heat.

(2) The Windows are required to be ventilated, and then the air flows, which may contain dust and mosquitoes.

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