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What Are The Characteristics Of Insulated Curtain Wall Pad | JINGWAN

Speaking of curtain wall, perhaps some friends, and not particularly understand.But if we talk about the maintenance of the building's walls, we might get some idea.In fact, the so-called curtain wall is the maintenance of the exterior wall of the building, such as curtain hanging, so it is also known as curtain wall.In modern large high-rise buildings, light decorative walls are the most widely used.Thermal insulated curtain wall used more materials, and each has its own characteristics, the following glass curtain wall manufacturers together to understand the characteristics of curtain wall thermal insulation pad.

6 features of insulated curtain wall pad

1. Thermal insulation performance:

Curtain wall glass wool compared with ordinary glass wool, glass fiber diameter is small, usually 5~6 micron, due to the national standard ≤8 micron requirements, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation performance.

2. High water-avoiding performance:

The water-avoiding rate of curtain wall glass wool is as high as 99.8% or more. If water drops are encountered on the cotton surface without veneer, it will have the effect of lotus leaf.

3. Structural seismic performance:

curtain wall glass cotton fiber is long and thin, the overall structure of the product is high strength, tensile and seismic performance is excellent, no matter installation or long-term use will be scattered, drooping.

4. Lightweight:

Glass fiber curtain wall weighs 4 kg per square meter, which greatly reduces the weight of the unit curtain wall, and greatly improves the efficiency and safety of the production, handling, hoisting and hanging processes of the unit curtain wall.

5. The construction is safe and fast:

The glass wool curtain wall does not contain slag balls, which will not stimulate the construction workers. At the same time, the soft and easy cutting of the material can greatly improve the installation efficiency, save labor costs and shorten the installation period.

6. Sound absorption and noise reduction function:

Glass wool curtain wall internal fiber is long and thin, can well isolated air, so that it can not flow, put an end to the air convection heat transfer, so it has a good sound absorption and noise reduction function.

Curtain wall material for curtain wall insulation pad

The classification of general curtain wall materials can be divided into five parts and about 30 types (non-theoretical textbooks) according to the performance of curtain wall materials themselves and the perspective of enterprise procurement work:

1. Surface materials:

Including glass, aluminum veneer, aluminum plastic composite board, stone and its surface materials (honeycomb board, ceramic board, Qian Si board, sunshine board, microcrystalline stone, etc.).

2. Metal materials (mainly frame materials):

Including aluminum profiles (including spraying), steel, steel processing parts (common embedded parts, C-embedded parts, connectors, etc.)., steel structure, galvanized steel plate (a small amount of color steel plate), stainless steel (plate, pipe, door handle), lightning protection, metal material bending.

3. Seals and production auxiliary materials:

Including adhesive material (including foam adhesive), adhesive strip, fireproof and heat insulation materials, tape (including aluminum plastic plate tape, packaging tape), production auxiliary materials (including rivets, self-tapping nails, protective film, double-sided paste, foam rod, etc.).

4. Hardware and accessories:

Including chemical anchor bolt, mechanical expansion bolt, back bolt, pendant, bolt, point barge, floor spring, door and window hardware, etc.

5. Other materials include:

Doors, Windows, fans, sun visors, coatings and bulk materials (large core board, gypsum board, PC endurance board, cement press board, light steel keel, etc.).

Through the above Xiaobian finishing content, I believe that we have a further understanding of the insulated curtain wall pad.The curtain wall insulation pad mainly has the performance of thermal insulation, light weight, safe and fast construction, in addition, it also has the function of sound-absorbing noise.When you choose, you can choose according to need.I sincerely hope that the above content will be helpful to you and wish you a happy life.

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