What are the installation and construction steps of all-glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

What are the installation and construction steps of all-glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

The installation and construction of the all-glass curtain wall is a multi-type joint construction. Not only the construction process is complicated, but the operation is also very delicate. At the same time, it is closely related to the construction schedule of other sub-projects. In order to make the construction and installation of the all-glass curtain wall To proceed smoothly, the construction organization design of a single project must be prepared according to the actual situation of the project, and the content of the construction preparation work must be confirmed by the general contractor.


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1.Technical preparation


(1). Technical data collection


On-site civil engineering design data collection and civil structure dimension measurement. As there may be some changes during civil construction, the actual dimensions may not always conform to the design drawings. The all-glass curtain wall has high requirements on the dimensions related to the civil structure, so it is necessary to go to the site to measure and obtain first-hand data before design, and then draw a feasible curtain wall partition diagram according to the owner's requirements. For the parts with gate entrances and exits, it must also cooperate with the unit that makes automatic revolving doors and all-glass doors, so that the all-glass tomb wall has reliable closing on the door and the door, and also needs to meet the installation and maintenance of automatic revolving doors. Require.


(2). Determine the design project


When designing and separating the glass curtain wall, in addition to considering the uniformity and beauty of the shape, attention should also be paid to reducing the specifications and models of the glass as much as possible. Since the outdoor designs of various buildings are not the same, for projects with large outdoor awnings, driving ramps, etc., more attention should be paid to coordinating the overall construction sequence and progress to prevent the construction of other outdoor facilities from affecting the walking of cranes and glass curtain walls. Install. Before the formal construction, the site of the construction scope should also be leveled and filled, and the site should be cleaned to ensure that the crane can travel smoothly.


2. Preparation of materials and equipment


(1). Main material quality inspection


①Whether the size and specifications of the glass are correct, and special attention should be paid to check whether the glass is damaged during storage and transportation. If it is found that the glass has cracks, chipping, or mold, it must not be installed, and the factory should be immediately notified to reprocess and supplement it as soon as possible.


② Whether the material of the metal structural components meets the design requirements, whether the components are straight, and whether the processing size, accuracy, and hole positions meet the design requirements. To paint the first anti-rust paint, all component numbers should be marked clearly.


(2). Inspection of main construction equipment


① Inspection of glass hoisting and transportation machinery and equipment, especially the technical performance (adsorption quality and duration) of the crane's operating system and electric suction cups should be strictly inspected.


② Technical performance inspection of various electric and hand tools.


③ The deviation between the position of the embedded parts and the design position should not be greater than 20mm.


(3). Set up scaffolding


Due to the different needs in the construction procedure, the scaffolding erected in the construction needs to meet different requirements.


① When the line and bearing steel structure are used, they are built on both sides of the curtain glass, which is convenient for workers to perform welding and installation operations at different positions.


② When installing the glass curtain wall, it should be built on the inner side of the curtain wall. It is necessary to facilitate the glass hoisting without touching the scaffolding when it extends obliquely, and it is also necessary for workers standing on the upper and lower parts of the scaffolding to easily hold the manual suction cups to assist the crane to accurately position the glass.


③In the stage of glue injection and cleaning after the glass is installed in place, a row of scaffolding needs to be built outdoors. Due to the large continuous area of ​​the all-glass curtain wall, the outdoor scaffolding cannot be connected with the main structure, so special attention should be paid to the scaffolding. Supported and stable, it can be pulled together with ground anchors, cables and struts with diagonal braces. "


During the construction, the height of each operating layer shall be laid with scaffolding boards, the top shall be fenced, and the scaffolding boards shall be fixed with iron wires. Be extra careful when erecting and dismantling scaffolding, and do not throw steel pipes and fasteners down from heights to prevent damage to the glass.


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