What Are The Specific Steps Of Making Shadow Box Glass Curtain Wall | JINGWAN

What Are The Specific Steps Of Making Shadow Box Glass Curtain Wall | JINGWAN

In daily life, we often come into contact with a variety of glass materials. In addition to the traditional plate glass, there are also some materials with special properties, such as ultra-white glass, high borosilicate glass, insulating glass, laminated glass and other commonly used glass.In order to make you have a deeper understanding of the common glass curtain wall in daily life, Jingwan professional shadow box glass curtain wall manufacturers for you to sort out the concept of frameless glass curtain wall and production steps.

What is the shadow box glass curtain wall

The metal frame of the glass curtain wall is hidden on the back of the glass so that the metal frame cannot be seen outside.The shadow box glass curtain wall is divided into full shadow box glass curtain wall and half shadow box glass curtain wall. The semi-shadow box glass curtain wall can be either horizontally hidden or horizontally hidden.The structural feature of the shadow box glass curtain wall is that the glass is on the outside of the aluminum frame and the glass and aluminum frame are bonded with a silicone structural sealant.The curtain wall load is mainly borne by the sealant.

The concrete steps of making shadow box curtain wall detail

1. Vertical and horizontal glass curtain wall

In this type only the vertical rod is hidden behind the coated glass, while the horizontal rod coated glass is embedded in the inlay groove of the aluminum profile and is covered outside the glass with an aluminum pressing plate.There are two methods for actual production and installation (A and B).

A method is: the glass is pasted on the two vertical sides of the glass frame with the installation groove

The vertical edge of the fixing frame is fixed on the vertical rod of the aluminum alloy frame system with a fixing plate;However, the upper and lower two horizontal edges of the glass are fixed in the inlay groove of the aluminium frame groove beam.The bonding of the glass to the vertical edge of the glass frame is carried out in a specially used workshop in the factory.The material surface is clean and the bonding quality is good.The glass frame can only be transported to the site for installation after the structural adhesive is completely cured, and the bonding quality is guaranteed.

Production method B: 

Coated glass is first fixed in the top and bottom of the aluminum alloy profile in the inlaid groove, in the glass and the vertical rod surface to form a rubber joint groove, and then in the field the structural rubber filling rubber joint groove, the formation of vertical structure rubber glass assembly system.Because the production method is in the field of glue injection, the surface of the material is clean and dry, the environmental cleanliness is difficult to fully guarantee when the glue is injected, and the structural rubber often bears wind load before curing, which affects the bonding strength.

In general, only buildings without a gap between the building and the aluminum frame system should not be used unless absolutely necessary.During on-site injection, use various methods to temporarily protect the injection site, and the bonding surface of aluminum and glass must be clean.In general, it cannot be injected on site during windy days, rainy days and freezing in winter.

2. Horizontal hidden glass curtain wall

The system adopts structural glass assembly method in the transverse direction and aluminum alloy glass inlaying groove in the vertical direction.

Cement concrete method is: will the glass up and down has set the slot on both sides of the glass box, box of glass frame supported on the beam of the aluminum alloy frame system, the box was fixed with fixed on a beam, vertical fixed on the beam with press, vertical plate fixed in the vertical stem glass inlay groove, from top to bottom by the vertical glass rod clamp separated with growth.Horizontal concealment cannot be field injected, nor can it be field injected.

3. Another approach of hidden frame curtain wall

A pressure plate is added to the horizontal or vertical side of the full shadow box glass curtain wall to form the semi-hidden frame curtain wall with the horizontal or vertical side.

In other words, the full shadow box glass curtain wall is made into a semi-hidden frame effect.This pressing plate is not only the horizontal or vertical decorative line, but also the second fixed glass, enhancing the sense of security, but also can change the shape and color of the pressing plate, increase the color of the pattern.

The above is the specific steps of making shadow box glass curtain wall, I hope to help you to some degree, we are from China's curtain wall engineering - Jingwan, welcome to consult us!

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