Construction and quality management of glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

Construction and quality management of glass curtain wall| JINGWAN

Quality and safety are the top priorities of capital construction projects. The curtain wall is the external wall suspended or supported on the main structure, and the glass curtain wall members mainly play the role of enclosure, not the stress members that share the load of the main structure. The commonly used curtain walls are reinforced concrete precast hanging panel curtain wall, glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall. at present, aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall and glass curtain wall are the main curtain wall, and some of them are stone curtain wall.

Curtain wall is a relatively complex structural system, which has strict requirements for its design and construction. Enterprises that contract the design, construction and installation of curtain wall projects must have corresponding curtain wall project contracting qualifications, and must carry out meticulous design and construction according to the specifications. The unit responsible for the design of the main structure should carefully examine its design calculations and construction drawings; the supervision company should supervise the whole process from materials, production to installation and construction. Finally, the quality inspection department and the safety supervision department should cooperate fully, and work with all parties to carry out strict completion and acceptance of the project. only in this way can the quality and safety of the curtain wall project be ensured.

There are many cases of curtain wall damage under wind load or earthquake, so the reasonable design of curtain wall is very important to prevent disasters, reduce economic losses and ensure life safety.

Influence of seismic load

Because glass and stone are brittle materials, the deformation capacity is small, coupled with improper design and construction of joints, earthquake damage often occurs in the earthquake.

1. Type of earthquake damage:

The main results are as follows: (1) the rigid connection (such as welding, etc.) is adopted between the curtain wallboard and the main structure, which limits or restricts the relative displacement between the wall and the main structure, and the glass curtain wallboard is forced to follow the deformation of the main structure, resulting in the destruction or shedding of glass and wallboard.

(2) due to the small gap between the outer glass curtain wall panels, the glass curtain wall panels are damaged by extrusion and collision.

(3) the connection mode is improper and the arrangement of movable connection is unreasonable, which will cause the glass curtain wall panels to squeeze and collide with each other after deformation.

(4) the wind resistance and seismic bearing capacity of the curtain wall plate itself is insufficient, and it is damaged under the action of horizontal force.

(5) the connector is improperly designed, and the bearing capacity of each part and weld is too low.

2. Measures to prevent earthquake damage:

(1) to ensure that the glass curtain wall itself has sufficient bearing capacity.

(2) to ensure that the connector has sufficient bearing capacity.

(3) arrange the glass curtain wall reasonably and choose the reasonable support and connection mode.

The above is the introduction of glass curtain wall construction and quality management. If you want to know more about glass curtain wall, please feel free to contact our company for advice.

Post time: Jan-12-2022