Material selection principle of glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

Material selection principle of glass curtain wall | JINGWAN

Whether it is an  aluminum frame glass curtain wall or an outdoor or indoor glass curtain wall, the selection of materials should follow the standard. Spider glass curtain wall factory shares the following principles on the selection of glass curtain wall materials.

The glass curtain wall material should comply with the current national product standards, and should have a factory certificate.

Several materials of glass curtain wall

The materials used in the glass curtain wall can basically be summarized into four types of materials, namely skeleton materials (aluminum alloy profiles and steel profiles), glass panels, sealing and caulking materials, and structural adhesive materials. Most of these materials can be produced in China, and most of them have national standards or industry standards. However, due to the difference in production technology and management level, the quality of the same type of materials on the market varies greatly due to different manufacturers. In addition to bearing its own mass load, it also bears the influence of wind load, earthquake action and temperature stress change. Therefore, it is required that the curtain wall must be safe and reliable, and the materials used for the curtain wall should meet the quality indicators stipulated by the national or industry standards. Production enterprises formulate enterprise standards as the basis for product quality control. In short, the use of unqualified materials is strictly prohibited, and the materials must have a product qualification certificate when they leave the factory.

Selection characteristics of glass curtain wall materials


(1) Weather resistance

The glass curtain wall material should be made of weather-resistant materials, and the surface should be treated with anti-corrosion. Since the curtain wall is located on the outer surface of the building, it is often affected by the unfavorable factors of the natural environment, such as the erosion of unfavorable factors such as sunlight, rain, wind and sand, etc., the curtain wall material is required to have sufficient weather resistance and durability, and must be weatherproof, Anti-sun, anti-theft, anti-collision, thermal insulation and other functions. In particular, most of the curtain walls use aluminum frame glass curtain wall system. Therefore, in addition to stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal materials, the steel should be hot-dip galvanized, and the aluminum alloy should be Anodized for durability and safety of the curtain wall.

(2) Fire resistance

The glass curtain wall materials should be non-combustible materials or non-combustible materials. The fire protection requirements of the curtain wall are very important whether it is in the process of production, installation and construction, or after delivery. Therefore, try to choose non-combustible materials and non-combustible materials, but at present, there are a small amount of materials at home and abroad that are still not fireproof, such as double-sided tape and some filling materials are flammable materials, so you should pay more attention in installation and construction, and Take effective fire prevention measures.

(3) Compatibility

The silicone structural sealant shall have a test report of compatibility with the contact material, and shall have a quality certificate for the warranty period. The silicone structural sealant used in the hidden frame glass curtain wall and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall must have a qualified report on its technical performance and compatibility test with contact materials, including aluminum alloy, glass, double-sided tape and weather-resistant silicon Ketone sealant. The so-called compatibility means that when the silicone structural sealant is in contact with these materials, it only plays a bonding role, and does not undergo any chemical changes that affect the bonding performance. At present, due to the unstable quality and limited quantity of the silicone structural sealants produced in China, the experimental work in this area has just been carried out, and most of the silicone structural sealants are imported from the United States. Whether imported or domestic silicone structural sealant, must hold the certificate and label recognized by the state, and pass the commodity inspection of the State Commodity Inspection Bureau before it can be used. The supplier of silicone structural sealant must issue a quality certificate for the product quality insurance period when providing products, and the installation and construction unit shall submit the quality assurance certificate upon completion. On the one hand, it can strengthen the producer of silicone structural sealant and the production of hidden frame glass curtain walls The quality awareness of the operators and installers to ensure the quality of products and installation. If there is a quality problem during the insurance period, it can also be determined to claim compensation accordingly. On the other hand, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall and hidden frame glass curtain wall should be observed and inspected frequently in the first few years after completion, so as to find problems in time.

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