Several installation methods of municipal guardrail | JINGWAN

Several installation methods of municipal guardrail | JINGWAN

I believe everyone knows about municipal barriers, and it is more common for outdoor safety barriers. Its use can be said to be very extensive, and they play an important role in road safety and environmental beautification. Since protective measures are an important part of project construction, the salient feature of municipal fence nets is the safety protection function. In addition, the service life of municipal fences must be recognized based on raw materials. The general treatment methods include galvanizing, aluminizing, galvanizing, and plastic coating and overmolding, etc. The service life of the municipal fence treated through the above process can reach ten to fifteen years. As a focus on the design and manufacture of guardrails, Jingwan has always provided customers with safe products. 

The service life of municipal guardrails and guardrail fencing (guardrail fencing) In fact, municipal guardrails have a certain service life. Equipment and protection personnel can extend the service life of municipal guardrails through protection. In addition, equipment and protection personnel also need to regularly check the operational status of municipal fences, repair damaged municipal fences in time, and protect them with paint.

Under normal circumstances, the service life of municipal fence nets can reach more than 15 years, but some municipal fence net manufacturers cut corners in order to reduce costs, resulting in poor quality of municipal fence nets and greatly reduced service life. Therefore, when purchasing municipal guardrails, we must consider the professional level of the manufacturer and slow down the production level, and we must never buy inferior cheap products.

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Post time: Jun-08-2021