There are several kinds of curtain wall glass | JINGWAN

There are several kinds of curtain wall glass | JINGWAN

Now many people are equipped with curtain wall glass at home, but most people don't know much about it, so what kinds of curtain wall glass are there? China glass curtain wall factory editor collects some basic knowledge to share with you.


1. How many kinds of curtain wall glass are there | All glass curtain wall factory price | glass curtain wall supplier


1), Frame support type (Frame glass curtain wall)

This type is supported by a metal frame around the glass panel. There are mainly two types: open frame and hidden frame. The open frame is usually composed of a metal frame and is a type of exposed outer layer, while the hidden frame is a metal frame hidden in its frame. The rear, the type that cannot be seen from outside.

2), Full glass (Full glass curtain wall system)

This type is composed of glass rib and glass panel. Its panel is normally large and needs to be set with mechanical suction cups. During construction, silicone structural sealant needs to be used, and it cannot touch other rigid materials.

3), Point support (Point supported glass curtain wall)

It is a type of glass panel, point support equipment and support structure. Its support structure is generally attached with glass ribs, single section steel, steel pipe, truss, and tension rod cable system.

4),Unit (Unitized glass curtain wall)

It is a type of basic unit that takes various wall weights and supporting structures to make a curtain wall in the factory, and then installs it on the main structure.

2. What is the curtain wall | Steel structure with glass curtain wall


It is a kind of organization used to protect the outer layer of the building. It does not need to be load-bearing. It can be hung in the same way as a curtain. Therefore, it is called a curtain wall. We can often see this kind of wall in modern large or high-rise buildings. Lightweight walls with decorative capabilities.

Compared with the main structure, it can move or deform without taking responsibility of the main structure, and its main function is to protect the outer structure or to decorate.


The editor of Jingwan Glass Curtain Wall Factory concluded: The above is the information about the types of glass curtain walls. From the above article, we can see that there are four common types of glass curtain walls. Only when they are used in the right place can they exert their performance, avoid a lot of trouble, save a lot of time and energy, and hope to help everyone.

Post time: Sep-13-2022